Meta Explores New Frontiers Despite Losses in Metaverse Project

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    Meta, formerly known as Facebook, continues to invest in developing mixed reality headsets even after facing significant losses on its Metaverse project. The company continues to work in the fields of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) with the aim of gaining a competitive edge. A key factor in the success of these headsets is their wide range of applications.

    Meta reportedly had the opportunity to obtain the necessary app support, but ultimately chose to forego this option. Instead of pursuing a partnership that could have expanded the capabilities of its Quest headset, Meta opposed the partnership for strategic reasons.

    Recent developments reported by The Information reveal talks between Google and Meta regarding a possible collaboration on Android XR, Google's software program designed to give full access to Android apps on Quest headsets. became. Despite initial conversations, Meta has backed away from this potential partnership, emphasizing its commitment to charting its own direction in the AR and VR space.

    By choosing to decline the opportunity to work with Google on Android XR, Meta is prioritizing CEO Mark Zuckerberg's vision to establish the leading computing platform for AR, VR, and mixed reality. maybe. Alongside strengthening its hardware offerings, Meta recently held discussions with LG Electronics to incorporate the Korean company's technology into its mixed reality headsets.

    FAQ – Possible Google partnership on Meta and Android XR


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