Meta Horizon Worlds Extends to Android, iOS Amid Safety Worries

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    Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, is making a bold move to expand its Horizon Worlds metaverse beyond VR, starting with Super Rumble on Android and iOS.

    This effort aims to make the Metaverse accessible to everyone, regardless of device.

    Meta Horizon Worlds’ efforts to acquire new users

    “We believe there should be multiple entrances to the Metaverse,” said Mehta. announced. He added:

    “Whether you want to join friends online, invite friends who don’t have headsets, or just want to share the fun, this flatscreen version of Worlds is a great way to keep FOMO at bay.”

    However, despite Meta’s claims of 200,000 monthly players, research by YouTubers reveals a different picture. Popular YouTuber Jarvis Johnson discovered that there were children living on Horizon World, even though it was largely empty, going against Meta’s policies and raising safety concerns.

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    One source reported:

    “Midway through the video, Johnson pointed out a few oddities about Zuckerberg’s Barely Metaverse. First, the game itself has an ESRB rating for teens, but the default avatars all look like teens. I can’t see it.”

    Additionally, Johnson’s investigation revealed that he encountered underage users even in spaces that were nominally 18+. The findings contradict Meta’s April announcement that it would open its virtual world to teenagers (ages 13 to 17) in the U.S. and Canada, after previously restricting it to users 18 and older.

    Are you trying to save a fading trend?

    In response to safety concerns, Meta said it has introduced enhanced safety features and tools for parental supervision. But Johnson’s findings suggest these measures may not be effective.

    Given these findings, it’s questionable whether Meta’s new ad campaign, “The Impact Is Real,” successfully portrays VR as a viable technology for audiences beyond gaming.

    According to Google Trends data, interest in the Metaverse concept has decreased by more than 90% since Meta’s rebranding. The company’s VR division, Reality Labs, which includes Horizon Worlds, posted a $13.7 billion loss in 2022.

    With interest in its flagship VR product at rock bottom, Meta’s efforts to include Horizon Worlds on Android and iOS may be a last-ditch effort to revive the project.

    Google’s global metaverse search trends 2017-2022. sauce: Google Trends

    Meta continues to test and evolve the experience, but it remains to be seen whether expanding Horizon Worlds to mobile and web will attract more users and address the safety concerns raised. yeah.


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