Meta Rolls Out Advertiser-Focused AI Tools and Services

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    Microsoft has invested an unspecified amount in, an AI software development platform, in a partnership that enables customers to build business apps within the platform without technical expertise. is a startup that helps companies build apps without coding experience.

    The partnership comes as Microsoft ramps up its commitment to AI. London-based’s software enables anyone from tech-savvy artists wanting to sell their work online to design professionals with limited programming experience to develop and manage apps. You can do.

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    Through this strategic partnership, Microsoft will integrate’s proprietary AI assistant, Natasha, into Teams video and chat software, enabling customers to build business apps within the platform.

    The partnership will also allow to leverage Microsoft’s AI algorithms to enhance Natasha and make her sound more human.

    “With this partnership, the two companies will work together to create AI-powered solutions that enable businesses to develop applications and become digital natives without the need for technical expertise,” said says. website.

    According to, the partnership will give the company and its customers access to Microsoft’s suite of Azure cloud tools, including a suite of AI services offered through its partnership with OpenAI.

    The company added that developers on the Microsoft Azure platform will also be able to tap into’s network of experts.

    “We are thrilled to be working closely with Microsoft. This collaboration with is centered around aligning our core mission,” said Sachin Dev Duggal, chief wizard and founder of said Mr.

    build a 100 million business added that by working with Microsoft, tech companies can help “more than 100 million companies become digital natives in the coming years.”

    “We all believe the future of software is moving in a direction where customers don’t need technical knowledge,” says Duggal. Said CNBC.

    “What we really do is bring together a world where customers can build software, run software, and host software.”

    John Tinter, corporate vice president of business development at Microsoft, said the partnership is an extension of both companies’ mission to “empower every individual and every organization.”

    “We believe will create a whole new category where anyone can be a developer, and new and deeper collaborations powered by Azure AI will bring the combined power of both businesses to the world. ‘ said Tinter in a statement.

    Founded in 2016, falls into a group of startups creating so-called “no-code” and “low-code” platforms whose software allows anyone, even an expert with limited programming experience, to be able to design.

    Focus on AI

    Microsoft already offers its own suite of no-code app development tools, and this collaboration with, one of the many startups benefiting from renewed investor interest in AI, is bringing this to life. I want to improve my domain expertise.

    For, an endorsement from a big technology company like Microsoft is very important.

    “Imagine if we were talking to a big company… who would ask us about competencies at that point?” Dougal told CNBC.

    “This will have a significant impact on go-to-market (strategy), which in itself will benefit both partners.”

    Experts say the deal means Microsoft will step up its efforts in AI, a key focus for the company as it seeks to remain competitive in the tech industry.

    peer Google invests in AI, aiming to make digital entities more conversational and human-like using the LaMDA language processing model. The company also launched a ChatGPT competitor known as Bard.

    Microsoft itself has also recently increased its investment in AI, reportedly $13 billion Powered by the popular ChatGPT maker OpenAI, which embeds their language processing model into the Bing search engine and Office productivity apps.

    Interest in AI has grown so much that many products and services are being launched as companies look to leverage the technology to optimize their operations. But this rapid growth has worried experts in the field, fearing that AI will become too powerful and harmful to humanity.

    A group of experts including Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wrote an open letter calling for: stop development AI stronger than ChatGPT.


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