Meta teams up with PROJECT ROCKIT to launch Metaverse Youth Safety Guide

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    The Metaverse Youth Safety Guide was released in partnership with Meta and PROJECT ROCKIT to provide information for youth using technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)., An Australian youth-led movement dedicated to fighting cyberbullying and helping young people stay safe online.

    This guide was born from insights gleaned from PROJECT ROCKIT.Our Metaverse: Youth and the Digital FutureThe report was developed through consultation with 42 youth leaders nominated by prominent youth, mental health and technology organizations across Australia, including Multicultural Youth Centre, InDigital, Minus 18, Origen, ReachOut and UNICEF Australia. created. .

    In response to these findings, the Metaverse Youth Safety Guide toolkit was created to provide practical tips to help young people safely work with AR and VR technologies.

    This toolkit includes tips for young people and their parents, including physical safety precautions such as ensuring VR headgear is set up correctly. Online safety measures, such as privacy settings and use of reporting mechanisms. Dedicated safety recommendations for virtual multiplayer environments like Meta’s Horizon Worlds also include muting, reporting, and leveraging human moderation to maintain a safe and positive environment for users. Masu.

    Mia Garlic, Director of Regional Public Policy at Meta, is proud to partner with Project ROCKIT in launching this practical toolkit for young people, preparing them to safely tackle emerging AR and VR technologies. He said he felt that he was ready.

    “This new toolkit will add to the range of VR safety tools and products we are introducing to help young people safely explore new technologies,” she said.

    “It’s important that children can use these technologies safely, and that parents have the resources to navigate this ever-changing online environment.”

    Lucy Thomas, co-founder and CEO of PROJECT ROCKIT, Our Metaverse: Youth and the Digital Future According to research, the company has developed a toolkit to help young people and their families navigate the emerging world of online technology in a safe and empowered way.

    “It’s important to have partners like Meta who educate future generations, tackle online hate, and work together to build a safer, kinder and more prosperous digital world,” said Thomas. Stated.

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