Meta World: My City Hints, Tips, and Tricks

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    If you’re among the 200 million players who have downloaded Netmarble N2’s critically acclaimed virtual board game Let’s Get Rich, today is your lucky day.

    Meta World: My City is the long-awaited sequel that takes the series in a bold new direction.

    The thrilling real estate-based gameplay is still there, but with the addition of character cards, skills, and innovative Metaverse features that let you play on real-world maps.

    You can now build your real estate empire in New York City, and many other international cities will join the game in the future.

    For starters, Meta World: My City casts you as a potential Metaverse real estate collector. To progress in the game, you must collect properties, increase your investor license level, and go head-to-head with other players.

    But it all starts in your office at Meta Office. The office is the hub of operations for the entire game, and the way to move between the board game components of Meta World: My City and the Meta World metaverse.

    There’s a lot to discover, but we’re here to help you get started with a quick overview of the game and some key tips and tricks.

    General beginner tips

    To win the board game part of Meta World: My City, you need to occupy the board as much as possible and reach a certain score.

    You are competing against players from all over the world, the game is 1v1, and opponents come to you via an online matchmaking system.

    Winning the board game allows you to hold virtual land and buildings on Meta Island for more rewards.

    Tricks are to build landmarks, monopolize certain color blocks, compete for a set score, or try to bankrupt your opponent. There are many ways to win, but there are also many ways to lose.

    character card

    Character cards are an integral part of the board game section of Meta World: My City. Each character in the game plays with four decks that come with their own rarity, cost, active and passive skills.

    To name a few, Sophie’s skills give you a huge strategic advantage as you can instantly place her on any block you like. On the other hand, Beatrice’s skill allows you to preview her cards by dice and select the ones you want.

    Dice cards are random, so being able to pick them is very beneficial.

    Each character card is upgradeable in terms of tier, character level, and passive skills. To upgrade cards, you must use in-game rewards such as gold and crystals earned through gameplay.

    Upgrading your character card improves your odds of winning the game.

    consider strategy

    Character card skills can completely change the momentum of Meta World: My City. No matter how bad you are, you can turn the situation around by changing your opponent’s dice cards or by occupying key blocks.

    Additionally, playing the appropriate character cards will earn you marbles, the game’s primary block-buying currency, to enhance your abilities in the next game. There are many paths to victory.

    Virtual real estate and special structures

    Winning a board game round unlocks the Meta World[マーケット]You can get virtual real estate through your subscription by applying on the tab. You can acquire land randomly through auctions or trading with other players.

    Earn daily game rewards by collecting virtual real estate. Needless to say, the more land and structures you have, the greater the reward. These rewards let you upgrade your character cards, among other things.

    If you upgrade your structure enough, you’ll earn the coveted special title of structure holder and earn Meta Cash that can be traded on external markets in exchange for public tokens called MBX.

    Your investor tier determines the number of rewards you can earn, so continuing to upgrade is expensive.

    Meta World: My City is the game’s Official website, google playand the app store.

    Plus, get updates and join the community. discord, twitterand Facebook.


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