Metaforce by Vladimir Okhotnikov announces transition to Metaverse

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    Metaforce The platform announced the release of Meta Force Metaverse. Following the roadmap, the platform will transform digital infrastructure into metaverse format.

    Meta Force by Vladimir Okhotnikov

    Meta Force is a digital decentralized platform focused on multi-level business projects, based on the Polygon blockchain. The platform’s features are optimized for network marketing.

    Network marketing involves building multi-level, vertically integrated project teams. Each user receives income based on their personal contribution and position within the project team.

    Blockchain has proven to be an ideal environment in which to build network marketing projects. Decentralization ensured the sustainability of the platform, and smart contracts ensured accurate and timely delivery.

    Meta Force was founded by Vladimir Okhotnikov, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and blockchain and network marketing expert.

    metaforce metaverse

    The Meta Force project roadmap originally envisioned the creation of a metaverse. Meta Force is a business-oriented project, where maximum performance is important, not visuals.

    The platform provides opportunities to develop complex projects, engage in mining, buy and sell on the market, exchange assets and work with “virtual” real estate.

    The metaverse format simplifies business process recognition, significantly reduces communication time, and doubles productivity.

    Metaverse: Stage 1

    The first phase ended with the release of streamlined platform elements, including:


    Uniteverse is the foundation of a platform that is a critical element of IT infrastructure designed for precision computing. With optimization, you can now scale your site and maintain an unlimited number of users.

    Currently, Uniteverse is an independent module with almost complete platform functionality. In fact, it is the predecessor to Metaverse, which has around 1.5 million users.

    Loyalty NFT

    Loyalty NFT is a module that allows users to earn income from Meta Force’s worldwide sales. The last upgrade established more fair income distribution rules.


    Marketplace has been released. Compatible with Metaforce products.

    force wallet

    Force Wallet is an Android and iOS compatible crypto wallet with advanced features such as NFT storage and management, trading, and compatibility with all Meta Force services. The wallet integrates SWAP functionality, a secure and fast asset exchange system.

    virtual real estate

    The Metaverse is coming!

    Users of the Meta Force platform can now purchase real estate such as houses, apartments, stores, mines, etc. on the Meta Force Metaverse. Property owners will receive privileges when the Metaverse begins in earnest.

    force coin

    Forcecoin is the native token of the Meta Force platform. This upgrade expands access to Forcecoin’s internal services. Preparations are currently underway for token listing on major virtual currency exchanges.

    1cent The step is complete. What’s next?

    The next step in Meta Force platform development is a complete conversion to Metaverse. And it will be a fundamentally new level of cryptocurrency business environment.

    About Metaforce

    Metaforce is an innovative company that develops decentralized business platforms. The company’s roadmap dictates a gradual transition to the Metaverse format. The first phase of migration is complete. The metaverse technical infrastructure has been created and all basic services have been tested.

    Currently, the Meta Force platform is fully functional, users have the opportunity to work and earn money, and switching to the Metaverse format will significantly increase the efficiency and profitability of their business.

    Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


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