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    'Metaverse as a Service' Company Strengthens Trust and Authentication for Luxury Brands Exploring Metaverse Spaces

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates / ACCESSWIRE / March 28, 2024 / MetaMinds Group, a Metaverse-as-a-Service company that provides end-to-end infrastructure and Metaverse-enabled solutions to luxury and lifestyle brands, is proud to announce the launch of NFTrends (Numeraire Future We announced a partnership with Trends. A suite of authentication, ownership and provenance tracking solutions designed for the luxury and art markets.

    MetaMinds, a Zilliqa Group venture, is collaborating with NFTrends to focus on the early stages of digital asset authentication linked to metaverse experiences, use cases and capabilities by leveraging NFTrends' advanced technologies such as NFDI and DPP. We have entered into this partnership in order to provide our services. We deliver value to brands, artists, and buyers by increasing trust, reducing fraud, and improving the experience across these industries. Digital Product Passport, combined with proprietary AI-based technology for digital fingerprint recognition, enables the authentication of newly issued items and provides continuous provenance and ownership tracking throughout the lifecycle of unique items. facilitate.

    MetaMinds Group will work with NFTrends to build on the future of DPP and the importance of authentication layers in the luxury goods industry, especially when considering the delivery of post-purchase experiences within the metaverse. By leveraging MetaMinds' multi-tenant MaaS architecture, NFTrends technology provides authentication and provenance tracking services for real-time certificates not only of physical items but also digital images issued by brands in the Metaverse. This partnership further enhances the level of authentication and security by leveraging NFTrends' unique and innovative DPP (Digital Product Passport) technology. DPPs created through NFTrends establish a permanent link between physical treasures (ranging from high-end luxury goods, jewelry, watches, works of art, crafts, and collectibles) and their creators . This link is transferred from owner to owner over the life of the item, providing a promising future for tracking ownership and provenance that cannot be manipulated or hacked.

    “Our partnership with NFTrends is perfectly aligned with our commitment to serve and deliver the unique solutions needed by brands looking to enhance their customer experience within luxury,” said Sandra Helou, CEO of MetaMinds Group. says. “If you look at what is currently on the market, QR codes, RFID, and even NFTs are not secure enough to serve as a DPP that can provide provenance, ownership, and the experiences that come with it. We want to bring this level of certification to our customers as we move to digital products and expand the industries we serve through both physical and digital products at NFTrends.”

    “MetaMinds Group provides unique solutions for luxury brands and brings unparalleled expertise in creating immersive customer experiences,” said Marcia Lipton, CEO of Numeraire Future Trends. There are mutual influences and complementarities, which I look forward to fully exploring.” ”

    Through this partnership, MetaMinds further expands the suite of products and services available to its clients and users, creating a MetaMinds platform that promises scalable and sustainable growth for luxury and lifestyle brands looking to leverage these innovative technologies. and spatial web services.

    About MetaMinds Group:

    MetaMinds Group is an award-winning “Metaverse as a Service” technology company within Web3. Their primary focus is to help luxury brands enter the metaverse space by providing end-to-end metaverse and spatial web platform strategies and the necessary infrastructure to execute these goals. . MetaMinds builds, deploys, and manages virtual environments that usher in a new era of the modern Internet by fostering engaging and immersive experiences for users. For more information about MetaMinds Group, please visit:

    About NFTrends Ltd:

    NFTrends (Numeraire Future Trends) is a technology company that provides comprehensive solutions to key challenges in the art and luxury sector, including authentication, provenance, and ownership. Utilizes Digital Product Passport (DPP) and AI-driven digital product fingerprint technology to establish a unique link between owners and their valuable items. Our innovative concept, Non-Fungible Digital Images (NFDI), featuring limited-edition images that are immutable and unreplicable, is transforming the digital presence of art and luxury brands in the Metaverse, leading to tokenization and It will pave the way for fragmentation. . For more information about NFTrends, please see below.

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