Meta’s Augmented Reality Head Steps Down for “Personal Reasons”

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    Don Box, Meta’s head of augmented reality software and vice president of engineering, announced his resignation internally, Reuters reported. report. This raises questions about Meta’s planned custom operating system for augmented reality glasses.

    According to reports, the now former Meta vice president announced his resignation “without elaborating on his future actions.”

    According to Reuters, a Meta representative said Box was scheduled to leave the company at the end of this week for personal reasons. The representative also said Box’s selection does not impact product strategy.

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    Incorporating augmented reality (AR) into preoperative care has emerged as a potential solution to reduce stress and anxiety in surgical patients.

    Meta representatives declined to comment on the roadmap or whether the OS being developed by the Box team will be included in the first generation of AR glasses.

    BNN reports that the first generation of these AR glasses is expected to be released next year for internal use and to selected developers. Meta hopes to release a consumer version by 2027.

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    meta augmented reality glasses

    CTO Andrew Bosworth, leader of the company’s Metaverse-focused Reality Labs division, recently said that Meta faces “quite a few challenges” in developing market-ready AR devices and that “they are That’s still a few years away.” – On a lighter note, there are several. ”

    Additionally, the company has struggled to produce custom silicon for AR/VR devices, and last month laid off several people at Reality Labs’ custom silicon business, FAST.

    The recent layoffs were also reported by another Reuters news agency. report It will develop augmented and virtual reality products that allow access to a series of immersive virtual worlds known as the “metaverse,” and in particular AR glasses, which he predicted will “redefine our relationship with technology.” It could jeopardize CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s project.

    Zuckerberg aims to develop technology that allows access to an immersive virtual “Metaverse” and replaces computers and mobile devices, but Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes AR glasses are the best. He said that.

    Don Box, former Head of AR at Meta

    Meta is changing its future direction following the loss of its virtual reality headset, Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, and the planned XROS project, which sought to develop a single proprietary operating system for augmented reality, according to people familiar with the matter. It is said that it hired Box Inc. for the first time in 2021 to depict sexuality. glasses.

    meta announced Launching in September, the new generation of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses features audio, cameras, faster processors, an integrated AI assistant, and an overall improved build.

    According to sources and Box’s LinkedIn page, Box split its 300-person XROS division into specialized teams for each device line early last year, and personally took over the team focused on AR software.

    Before joining Meta, Mr. Box worked at Microsoft since 2002. In his last role at Microsoft, he oversaw mixed reality engineering, including creating the HoloLens2 headgear and related software for his AR/VR services.

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