Meta’s Zuckerberg tries to reconcile A.I. and the metaverse

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    Welcome to this week’s metaverse. luck We round up the most interesting news in the world of NFTs, culture and the metaverse. e-mail with hints.

    On Meta’s first quarter earnings call this week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he wouldn’t push the Metaverse out for artificial intelligence technology. In fact, he coined a new term for his AI agent. luck‘s Kylie Robison reported this week.

    These AI agents are clearly still in their early stages, and Zuck said much more than they are “meaningful and useful” and can help with customer support for some of Meta’s apps. was not

    But unlike simple chatbots, Zuckerberg wants to have a virtual body.I wish I had legs from the beginning this time—This is where the Metaverse comes into play. He also seemed to suggest that agents roam the virtual world.

    Meta has invested heavily in Avatar technology. On the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call, the CEO said he’s already optimistic about the investment, noting that 100 million people have already created avatars on his WhatsApp after the company launched Avatar in December. advertised the results. He seemed to suggest that mobile avatars could somehow drive more people toward the company’s Metaverse product.

    Maybe he’s assuming the same thing happens to AI agents? Westworld, But in Zuck’s Horizon Worlds. I think we’ll know in the next few quarters if this idea works.

    For now, Zuckerberg has denied keeping his priorities out of the metaverse, and he has the receipt. Reality Lab, the company’s metaverse arm, just reported a loss of $3.99 billion, up from a loss of $2.96 billion in the same period last year. .

    Yuga Labs dominates

    Shifting gears to Web3, this week’s new report by DappRadar sheds light on the dominance of Bored Ape Yacht Club creators Yuga Labs.

    The company’s 16 NFT collections clearly represent just over a third of the total NFT industry, with $2 billion in total transaction volume over the past two quarters. Its signature collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club, has the lowest price in the industry at 51.45 ETH, while another of his Yuga Labs collection, CryptoPunks, is his 49.49 ETH.

    BAYC remains number three among the largest and most profitable NFT projects of all time, with $2.88 billion in transaction volume to date. Only with CryptoPunks Axie Infinity Rank up, according to reports.

    in other news

    William ShatnerKnown for his role as Captain Kirk. Star Treklaunched his own NFT goods this week comet orangeThe 3,500 unique one-of-ones are divided into two collections. The William Shatner Cosmic Explorer collection includes 2,500 of his 3D artworks, starting at $500, with Shatner exploring quantum physics, volcanoes, the “silent language” of trees, and more. Each comes with a physical action figure of Shatner. captain kirkAnother 1,000 NFTs priced at $100 make up the Timeless Voyager collection. The collection features 2D art that explores space and offers a first-hand experience for select buyers.

    Courtesy of Orange Comet

    NYX Professional Makeup announced a new collection of 4,150 NFTs. high seas Created by 9 artists. Each piece is the artist’s interpretation of “a new era of beauty, built on the values ​​of diversity, inclusivity, creativity and entertainment,” according to a statement.The artist is paid by the NYX Treasury Department. was broken. Recently started DAO, GORJS Beauty DAONYX partners OpenSea, The Sandbox, Polygon, QuestN, Infinite Objects, Hologram, and Rory Rockmore Jewelry provide utilities for each NFT, including phygital art elements.

    NYX Professional Makeup has launched a series of NFTs with artists funded by DAO Treasury.

    Courtesy of NYX Professional Makeup

    convenience store chain quick trip Give away 1,000 free NFTs Commemorating the opening of the 1000th store converse, texasThe NFT was released on Wednesday and issued immediately. Each depicts an avatar wearing a red QuikTrip t-shirt, with randomly generated features such as goofy hairstyles and hats.according to Etherscan627 different accounts hold NFTs, which are currently being resold (at affordable prices) in secondary markets such as: High seas.


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