Metasphere Labs to Host Seminar on Pioneering DeFi

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    Vancouver, British Columbia, March 14, 2024 (Globe Newswire) — Metasphere Labo Co., Ltd. (Formerly Looking Glass Labs Ltd.)metasphere” or “company“) (Canada: Labs) (OTC: Labozuf) (F.R.A.: H1N), a leading innovator in blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, is excited to announce an upcoming webinar focused on the latest DeFi opportunities available on the Bitcoin network. From the third quarter of 2023 onwards, the introduction of advanced technologies such as Ordinals, Runes, RGB, Taproot and BitVM will revolutionize the functionality of Bitcoin, including smart contracts and his DeFi applications, which were once similar to Ethereum. Blockchain-like functionality is now possible.

    “Bitcoin’s evolution to support smart contracts and DeFi is a game-changer and could outweigh even the impact of ETFs on the growth of this sector,” said Natasha Ingram, CEO of Metasphere. Ta. “With unparalleled security and immense value locked into Bitcoin, these advances open new frontiers in decentralized finance, making NFTs, decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, DAOs, and open metaverse applications the world's best.” It allows for direct implementation on blockchain networks.” ”

    Metasphere is pleased to offer a webinar aimed at educating participants on how to navigate the fast-growing world of DeFi on Bitcoin. This seminar will cover important topics, including the major wallets and protocols on the network, how to access them, and insights into emerging technologies that are worth your attention. This initiative highlights his Metasphere's commitment to fostering a deeper understanding and adoption of DeFi in the broader financial environment.

    The seminar is scheduled to be held in two parts, the first being on April And the second time will be on April, 2024. Due to anticipated high demand and a desire to ensure a high-quality learning experience, registration will be limited to the first 200 participants for each session. Interested parties are encouraged to secure their spot by signing up at:

    “This seminar is a unique opportunity for investors, developers, and enthusiasts to fully understand the capabilities of the Bitcoin DeFi environment,” Ingram added. “At Metasphere, we believe in the transformative power of these technologies to redefine finance, and we’re excited to guide others through this journey.”

    Don't miss this chance to be at the forefront of the DeFi revolution in Bitcoin. Secure your registration today and join Metasphere to explore the future of decentralized finance.

    For media inquiries, please contact us below.

    Natasha Ingram, Metasphere Labs CEO

    About Metasphere Lab

    Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Metasphere aims to solve problems in social coordination to tackle climate change and positively impact the planet. Developing chain monetization strategies.

    For more information, please contact us below.

    Metasphere Lab Co., Ltd.
    Natasha Ingram, CEO

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    This news release contains “forward-looking statements.” Statements in this news release that are not purely historical are forward-looking statements, including statements regarding beliefs, plans, expectations and intentions regarding the future. Such forward-looking statements include, among other things, the development of open metaverse projects and virtual world projects.

    Important assumptions supporting these forward-looking statements include, among others: did it reduce of risk related and of blockchain and NFT industry; of ability to Compete with other businesses in the NFT, Metaverse and blockchain markets. the availability of sufficient funds to execute our business development plans; Favorable market environment. and whether the product will be accepted by the market.

    Although management believes these assumptions are reasonable based on currently available information, to that, They are May prove to Get used to it Incorrect. these Positive statement teeth only prediction They involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors. This includes the continued growth and adoption of NFT, Metaverse, and blockchain products. The cost of developing and designing NFTs and metaverses is economically viable.the Company's ability to attract and retain a sufficient workforce; and desirable skill set to Develop of Company's Digital An offering. of availability an offering offered by third party in of NFT, metaverse development and online game market to Identify potential deals.Increased adoption of NFTs as a solution for various online games and entertainment and collectibles Usage; of company have of ability to reduce of risk related and Blockchain and NFT industry. and our ability to compete with other businesses in the NFT, metaverse development, content creation and collectibles markets.

    Although management believes these assumptions are reasonable based on currently available information, to that, They are May prove to Get used to it Incorrect. these Positive statement teeth only prediction They involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors. the risk that our products will not be accepted by consumers and that other competitors may offer similar digital products; risks that could result in negative changes in general economic or business conditions; the risk that our operating cash flow will become negative and we will not have sufficient capital to complete technology development;Risk that the Company will not be able to receive additional financing as need; of danger that There May Get used to it To increase in capital and operating cost. of danger that NFT technology May Get used to it subject to scam and other failure; of danger that There May Get used to it Technical Blockchain changes and developments that make NFT solutions obsolete. risks related to regulatory changes or actions that may impede the development or operation of blockchain solutions;the risk of other competitors May release resemble blockchain An offering. of potential future non-viability of of NFT market in general. The variable cost of the amount of computation required to perform certain operations on the blockchain, and other common risks involved in blockchain solutions.

    The risks and uncertainties relating to our business are further described in our disclosure documents, including reports filed with Canadian securities regulators, which are available below.

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