metaverse bain & company report: Metaverse could reach up to $900 billion by 2030: Bain & Company report

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    The Metaverse could hit up to $900 billion in size by 2030, but could remain in the seed stage for at least another five to 10 years, Bain & Company said in a report released Thursday. Stated.

    The report entitled Remove exaggeration from the metaversesaid the Metaverse presents real and growing economic opportunities for businesses. Moreover, over the next 5-10 years, the market winners will be more likely to be those companies that engage in the early stages of metaverse development, known as the “seed stage”.

    “We have already seen this kind of technology take hold in various industries as the metaverse evolves rapidly,” said Chris Johnson, technology operations partner at Bain, in a statement.

    He said immersive gaming platforms, which already boast hundreds of millions of monthly active users, are a good example.

    “While it is not immediately clear how the metaverse landscape will evolve, our research shows that there is a playing field for management to consider if they want to stay ahead and ultimately scale. There are five, it’s an ongoing journey towards a more immersive and collaborative experience, and the underlying technology is improving rapidly,” Johnson added.

    The battlegrounds include virtual experiences (about 65% of the projected Metaverse market size in 2030), content creation tools (about 5% of the Metaverse market size in 2030), app stores and operating systems (about 5% of the Metaverse market size in 2030). about 10% of the market size). , devices (about 10% of the 2030 metaverse market size), and computing and infrastructure (about 10% of the 2030 metaverse market size).

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    The report says the metaverse is unlikely to emerge as one single platform as consumer and enterprise applications become more immersive and collaborative. Instead, platforms with large user bases today are likely to take steps to become more immersive and engaging, while smaller, metaverse-like environments are likely to be more immersive and engaging. He said he would try to attract a user base. These virtual worlds are likely to remain independent silos as private companies seek to recoup their investments by leveraging the value of the underlying datasets.

    The report says hardware companies face pressure to develop higher-performance chips, servers and network technologies to render high-quality graphics and reduce latency.

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