Metaverse forecast to be deployed in 700 cities by 2030

    Published on:

    October 26, 2023

    Written by Sara Ray

    Despite very few implementations today, technology intelligence firm ABI Research predicts that approximately 700 cities will have deployed some form of metaverse infrastructure by 2030.

    Our analysis shows that these deployments are often an extension of existing city digital twins.

    Dominique Bonte, Vice President of Vertical and End Markets at ABI Research, said: Government services, virtual tourism, smart infrastructure design, planning and development, strengthening and strengthening the urban workforce.

    “This is especially important in complex urban environments that are difficult to design, maintain, explore, and engage with.”

    He said the benefits to city governments include “gaining political capital through enhanced citizen engagement and participation” and significant cost savings associated with designing, operating and maintaining city infrastructure more efficiently and effectively. He said that it would be possible.

    “The urban metaverse will also play a key role in making cities net-zero and circular,” the study says.

    Bonte said the underlying digital twin, layered with augmented and virtual reality, enables advanced modeling for use cases such as assessing the carbon storage capacity of green infrastructure, tracking carbon emissions, and managing carbon credit systems; He explained that simulation and analysis may become possible.


    Some companies have been first to enter the urban space, such as Seoul, which has launched its own services. Municipal Metaverse.

    Tampere, Finland has recently announced ambitions for the Metaverse. “Metaverse Vision” towards 2040in collaboration with Metaverse Institute.

    Tampere Executive Director Teppo Rantanen said: today’s city: “We believe this is something that can combine virtual reality and “reality” so that citizens can live a better life and feel that everything works well in the city.

    “There’s a lot going on right now, and I think we need to look at it from a holistic perspective rather than focusing on a few individual tests. We’re on a journey.”

    Rantanen believes that cities have an important and active role in the ethics of the metaverse, building on the work some have done around AI and data.

    “We should look to understand what the metaverse actually means for our people and our people,” he said.

    ABI also Rome Advanced District (ROAD) project, Focuses on developing new energy supply chains.

    The research firm said urban metaverse technology focuses on combining digital twins to generate immersive 3D experiences. Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality. avatars; AI; cloud computing; and mobile devices.

    With companies in these sectors such as Disney, Unity, and Electronic Arts in close proximity, the city of Orlando, Florida, is touting itself as the physical center of the Metaverse development led by the Orlando Economic Partnership. Mayor Buddy Dyer said he supported the effort and made a donation. Downtown State Address for December 2022 “In the Metaverse” via EngageXR’s platform.

    Dead on arrival?

    Some reports indicate that enthusiasm and investment in the Metaverse is already in declineeven from meta In 2021, it changed its name from Facebook to focus on the concept.

    In March, Elizabeth Haas, senior advisor at New York University School of Professional Studies and leader of the Metaverse Collaboration, said that much of the analysis overestimates the importance of the Metaverse and that “sectors that recognize the importance of the Metaverse “It underestimates the long-term commitment of major companies overall.” The Value of the Metaverse.”

    He added that while R&D budgets will take a hit in a difficult macro environment, that doesn’t mean faith in the importance of the metaverse itself is weakening or that top companies are stopping experimenting.

    “I’m bullish. The ecosystem is already strong in gaming and social media,” she said.

    A report released last year by the National League of Cities (NLC) also called on cities to play a role in helping shape the metaverse.

    Lena Geraghty, Director of Sustainability and Innovation at NLC, said: today’s city At the time: “The metaverse is definitely a new buzzword in a long list of emerging technology buzzwords. But it’s important for city leaders to understand what it means for their communities.” But that doesn’t mean peace of mind isn’t worth it.

    “If implemented well, the Metaverse has real potential to improve city services and the lives of residents. To make that happen, city leaders must be at the forefront of the conversation.”


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