Metaverse in reshaping the future of work

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    Written by Ravi Chamuria

    There is a lot of debate about whether the Metaverse is hype or the real deal. But one thing is certain. Technology evolution never stops. An enhanced version of the current digital experience, the Metaverse is poised to transform the future of work and the entire world of work. It’s a frontier we’re just beginning to explore.

    The benefits of working in the metaverse equate to more efficient hybrid and remote work.

    Tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, while useful, have always been just tools. They help us get things done, but they lack the personal touch, the feeling of being “together.” The metaverse offers something different. It provides a “presence”, a shared virtual space that feels real, rather than just a face on the screen.

    Remember when the pandemic drove us to Zoom meetings and Slack discussions? We’ve come a long way since then. Hybrid work models are now the new normal. Not just because it’s convenient, because it saves you the hassle of commuting and ready-made sandwiches, but because it simply works. In fact, research shows he’s 9% more productive working from home.

    But the Metaverse promises to take this one step further. Think of it as a real-life virtual office that encourages interaction and collaboration more naturally than any video conferencing. Even if members are far apart, the essence of the community can be maintained without compromising it. Imagine walking into a virtual office and feeling as if you were physically there with your colleagues, experiencing the spontaneity of water cooler-like conversations and brainstorming his sessions, all in real time.

    One feature that provides such immersion is spatial audio, which adjusts the direction and volume of sound based on virtual location and the ability to express facial expressions and hand gestures. Although in its infancy, it sets the stage for a future where remote work not only mimics but enhances the physical workspace experience—what is possible.

    Industries Prepared for Metaverse Acceleration

    The Metaverse offers compelling possibilities for an industry that thrives on collaboration. For example, imagine a supervisor. From their desks, they could touch, inspect, and manage operations at factories and construction sites thousands of miles away, as if they were on the ground.

    Consider the IT industry. Teams working on complex projects are often distributed around the world. The Metaverse brings these experts together in a shared virtual space to collaborate in real-time to code, debug, and test software. It’s very likely that the ‘meta’ team is already exploring this possibility, as suggested in the video released by Zuckerberg and team.

    Medical professionals can use the Metaverse to discuss collaboratively. For example, medical teams located in different parts of the world can discuss critical patient cases, study diagnostic images, and jointly strategize treatment plans in a shared virtual space, thus enabling telemedicine. will be enhanced.

    For design and architecture, the metaverse can be a co-creative playground. Experts can share a virtual studio, interact with 3D models, make changes in real time, and visualize designs together, making the process more hands-on and intuitive.

    Beyond these, with numerous sectors on the verge of transformation, from education to entertainment, the Metaverse promises unprecedented modes of collaboration.

    The future of work is in between

    The arrival of the Metaverse does not mean that the office will move entirely to the cloud. That doesn’t mean in VR he’ll be logging eight hours a day or holding every meeting as an avatar. It’s about using cutting-edge technology without forgetting the value of Zoom calls and face-to-face chats. Details are scarce, but with the right boundaries, the future of immersive work looks promising.

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