Metaverse Leads in Q2 2023 as the Most Talked-About Theme

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    Beyond online travel and industrial automation, the metaverse concept has emerged as one of the most frequently referenced themes in the second quarter of 2023, according to GlobalData. This highlights the growing interest and importance of the Metaverse in various industries.

    Among prominent companies in the oil and gas sector, Reliance Industries saw the largest increase in Metaverse mentions in Q2 2023 compared to the previous quarter. This means the company is aware of the potential impact of the Metaverse on its operations and future strategy.

    GlobalData’s analysis of the company’s filings found that Reliance Industries included two sentences related to the metaverse, which made up 0.2% of the total filings. In addition, Q2 2023 saw a notable increase in the number of metaverse references by the company by 100% compared to his 2022 same period.

    Another major player in the oil and gas industry, Petroleo Brasileiro, also saw a 100% increase in metaverse mentions, reaching a total of 1. This suggests that more companies perceive the metaverse as a relevant and influential concept in their field.

    To better understand the sentiment associated with metaverse references, GlobalData’s Company Filings Analytics uses sentiment weights to assess whether a sentence is positive, negative, or neutral. The 2020 index starts at 100, with values ​​above 100 indicating more positive sentiment. The overall index for the metaverse in Q2 2023 was 90. This indicates predominantly positive sentiment towards the Metaverse concept among the companies in the analyzed industry reports.

    The metaverse remains a topic of interest and intrigue, with the potential to reshape various industries. Gain further insight and understanding of this transformative concept by investing in GlobalData’s Metaverse market size, share, trend analysis report, and segment forecasts to 2030.

    In conclusion, the Metaverse has emerged as the most frequently referenced theme in Q2 2023, surpassing other notable topics such as online travel and industrial automation. Reliance Industries had the largest increase in metaverse references, followed by Petroleo Brasileiro. This demonstrates the growing awareness of the impact and relevance of the metaverse in various industries. Overall sentiment towards the Metaverse is mostly positive, as assessed by GlobalData. Growing interest in the metaverse shows that it has the potential to reshape the industry and create new growth opportunities.


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