Metaverse: Netmarble, The Sandbox announce metaverse partnership for content, experiences

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    South Korea’s largest mobile game company, Netmarble Corp., has entered into a partnership agreement with The Sandbox online game platform to cooperate on the Metaverse business. This agreement is a strategy for the former to power its metaverse content.

    Netmarble and The Sandbox have agreed to work together for virtual world content and user experience. Additionally, company officials shared that this is a strategic deal that is expected to improve game content while also providing players with a variety of exciting experiences.

    according to Korea Herald, the online gaming platform will create a Netmarble IP space within K-Verse, a special space created exclusively for Korean culture and entertainment. This gives players the opportunity to immerse themselves in popular copyrighted game content from Korean game companies.

    The Sandbox, on the other hand, can create items based on Netmarble’s copyrighted works. For example, a Metaverse-based board game featuring real estate titled Metaworld: My City. Netmarble is also introducing new events and content to The Sandbox gaming platform.

    this collaboration aims to improve The Sandbox’s metaverse content by integrating Netmarble’s IP and popular brands to deliver a unique experience for players around the world.

    In a statement, Netmarble said, “Through The Sandbox’s continually evolving metaverse platform, we are delighted to introduce Netmarble’s signature work to new and existing audiences.” We look forward to providing great content.”

    Sandbox Korea said, “Welcome Netmarble’s powerful global game to the metaverse. We look forward to a close collaboration where we can together create exciting new content and collaborative events based on Netmarble’s most popular copyrighted works.” I look forward to it,” he added.

    Meanwhile, the partnership between Netmarble and The Sandbox begins with the launch of “Netmarble IP LAND” on K-Verse. This is his 6×6 scale space that offers users an immersive experience in a Netmarble-inspired virtual world.


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