Metaverse: Phantasmagoria and the elusive magic lantern: a hyped-up idea called metaverse gets a reality check

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    At the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, ​​visitors experienced the Metaverse with virtual reality headsets.


    Before AI took over the world, the metaverse was the hottest idea. Multiple challenges and uncertain return on investment are forcing some companies to step back. Obviously the hype is over, but the vision remains intact. When will it become a reality?

    Which is the most trending technology that quickly disappeared from the radar as soon as it appeared? The answer is the Metaverse. A revolutionary vision that promises to change our digital experience forever has certainly generated a lot of hype. But almost two years after Mark Zuckerberg renamed Facebook Meta and positioned the social media giant as a pioneer of the physical world’s alternate reality, the momentum seems to have faded. with high interest rates,

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