Metaverse: Seoul Unveils Virtual Pet Adoption Service on Its Metaverse Space

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    In January of this year, Seoul officially announced the first service phase of its virtual municipal space, Metaverse Seoul. The digital world, which provides various administrative services such as education, tax filing, etc., is said to be the first platform of its kind in the world.

    Within Metaverse Seoul, appointed worker avatars will provide government services, address citizen complaints submitted by citizens through avatars, and also provide a virtual sightseeing experience. In addition, the Metaverse allows people to participate in various social, cultural and economic activities in virtual worlds created by SMG.

    The city of Seoul is currently rolling out a separate service on its Metaverse platform dedicated to pets. We have launched a virtual pet transfer service so that users can adopt and raise pets in the virtual world.

    Through avatars, users can adopt different animals such as dogs, rabbits, cats, and lizards. There are 10 animals to choose from, and the user can only choose one. Aju Trading Daily report.

    Raising pets in the Metaverse will earn you points after completing training missions. Virtual pet owners can use these points to purchase the items they want. The devices required to utilize the Metaverse are Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

    The Seoul Digital Foundation (SDF) said the new pet service in Metaverse Seoul has been named ‘Metasoul Pet’. Users who adopt pets in the virtual world are not prohibited from abandoning them.

    You will also need to submit an application for adoption. lastly, Korea Biz Wire, pet adoption service is only available at Metaverse Seoul Global Citizen Land. SDF will also offer vouchers to select users who upload their virtual his pet to social media by June 2nd.

    In a statement earlier this week, Self-Defense Forces President Kang Yeo-sik said, “We will introduce various contents and events to provide a Metaverse Seoul that Seoul citizens can create and enjoy together with Seoul citizens.”


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