Metaverse: SK Telecom Adds Seoul and Hollywood Tourist Spots in its ifland Metaverse

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    SK Telecom Co. offers something new to users of the island Metaverse platform. The telecom company has recreated and added the N Seoul Tower and Hollywood sign in virtual space, so users can easily visit famous landmarks in Los Angeles and Seoul.

    Besides the popular tourist attractions mentioned, SK Telecom announced this week that its ifland Metaverse platform will also showcase other attractions that most people around the world would love to visit in the real world.

    street Korea Economic Daily, SK Telecom introduced tourism content so that Metaverse users can enjoy virtual tours that are very close to reality. You can go to must-see places such as historical sites around Seoul.

    You can go to the observatory of N Seoul Tower on Namsan Mountain. You can also check out the YTN broadcaster’s outdoor studio and leave your padlock on the tower. This is what many domestic and international visitors do in the real world.

    SK Telecom’s ifland avatar can also roam the nearby Cheonggyecheon and famous hopping spots around Hongdae and Gangnam stations. You’ll also have the chance to travel to Los Angeles and visit the iconic Mount Lee with his Hollywood sign.

    It was reported that a South Korean telecommunications company worked with Yegaan Inc., a South Korean startup specializing in 3D modeling and visualization, to create the Yisan and Gangnam areas. Held last year.

    SKT will continue to expand tourist destinations in the island Metaverse. As of Q3 2022, Aju Trading Daily ifland is reported to have over 12.8 million users. SK Telecom has released iland in 49 countries and supports English, Japanese and Chinese.


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