Metaverse Standards Forum becomes official non-profit industry consortium

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    of Metaverse Standards Forum announced that it has been incorporated as an independent, non-profit industry consortium.

    This news comes after 9 months of incubation by Khronos Group. The Forum’s mission to enable, facilitate, and facilitate metaverse-related interoperability cooperation and coordination among standards bodies, companies, and universities remains unchanged.

    In June 2022, this forum was started and operated by Khronos Group. Today, the Metaverse Standards Forum has over 2,400 members and several active working and research groups focused on advancing practical interoperability progress, with its own governance, financial, and operational standards. is organizing

    Working Group activities remain freely accessible to all members, but a new paid membership tier allows members to fund Forum projects while being elected to Forum leadership roles.


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    “Interoperability is key to unlocking the full potential of the Metaverse across siled games, experiences and worlds, and the unprecedented level of participation in the Forum will bring that vision to life. It shows a strong industry interest in the broader collaboration needed to achieve this,” said Neil. His Trevett, president of the Khronos Group and first president of the Metaverse Standards Forum, said:

    He added: All interested organizations are encouraged to participate in the now fully independent forum. ”

    The Metaverse Standards Forum started with 37 founding members and has grown to include various standards bodies and companies, industry consortia, platform vendors, hardware manufacturers, and end-user organizations.

    The Forum maintains a pipeline of member-driven exploratory and working groups to address metaverse interoperability challenges and opportunities across multiple domains prioritized by Forum membership. The forum does not create standards, so participation does not create any patent license obligations. All members can participate in the forum’s working group meetings. Forum activities are non-confidential and all deliverables are freely disseminated to the public.

    Forum working groups operate under member-created charters that define pragmatic short-term projects that prioritize interoperability requirements and test results generation to help member organizations accelerate their goals. It has been.

    The first working group includes:

    • Metaverse Standards Register to build a public database that maps the metaverse-related standards activity and open standards landscape.
    • 3D asset interoperability that allows coordination and cooperation between Universal Scene Description (USD) and glTF 3D file formats.
    • Real/virtual world integration that explores and facilitates interoperability of use cases such as digital twins and visual positioning systems.
    • Asset management exploring the landscape of digital rights standards for identity, ownership, protection, transport, exchange, and monetization of digital virtual assets.

    Additionally, multiple forum exploration groups have explored topics such as 3D web interoperability, interoperable avatars and characters, digital fashion and wearables, metaverse network requirements, end-user troubleshooting, metaverse privacy, cybersecurity, identity, and more. We are building consensus on future working group charters. .

    MetaBeat’s Metaverse standard panel. Rev Lebaredian is far left and Neil Trevett is next to him.

    Any forum member may propose, participate, or run for election to lead a Domain Working Group.

    As a newly independent non-profit organization, the Metaverse Standards Forum membership structure will evolve over the coming months. New members can join the organization immediately as either joining or principal members. Current members will receive ongoing membership benefits during the transition period.

    Principal Members hold key leadership roles in the Forum, enjoy preferential marketing and networking privileges, and may be elected to the Forum’s Board of Directors. Primary dues are carefully tiered to enable and encourage participation by organizations of all types and sizes.

    Any member of the Metaverse Standards Forum is welcome to attend.

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