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    The concept of the “metaverse” has gained mainstream recognition in recent years due to the growing popularity of devices that place individuals within augmented or virtual reality. Not to mention Mark Zuckerberg may rename his Facebook (NASDAQ:), Inc to Meta Platforms, Inc. It also sparked public debate on the subject. With Meta’s strong year-to-date performance, the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro VR headset, and the growing debate around artificial intelligence, it’s time to revisit the Metaverse, the opportunities it represents, and how investors can gain exposure. It’s a great opportunity to do so. into this burgeoning technological field.

    What is the Metaverse?

    The Metaverse blends digital and physical interactions to create immersive experiences that simulate reality or create worlds beyond reality. The Metaverse presupposes the use of multiple technological innovations working in tandem to create a rich ecosystem. Examples of these technologies include Augmented Reality (AR), Head Mounted Displays (HMD), AR Clouds, and Internet of Things (IoT). , 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), spatial technology.

    Opportunities in the Metaverse?

    During the Gold Rush, wealth was amassed primarily by those who sold “picks and shovels” to gold prospectors. Similar analogies can be made when considering the evolution of the metaverse. The opportunities presented by the Metaverse are diverse, with fundamentals ranging from games and virtual spaces to more nuanced advances in technology such as spatial computing and digital humans. Across the hardware, software, and commerce opportunities made available by the creation of the metaverse, incumbents and start-ups will develop the technology infrastructure needed to support the growth of the metaverse. This is where the profits come in for investors.

    The diagram below provides an overview of the hardware, software, and commerce elements required for the metaverse, along with examples of companies already manufacturing products or services in that category.

    Opportunities in the Metaverse?

    Investing in parts, that’s what makes the metaverse

    Fidelity Total Metaverse ETF (Ticker: FMTV) will allow investors to tap into different parts of the Metaverse ecosystem, providing products and services expected to contribute to the Metaverse in areas such as virtual platforms, social media, games, and 3D software. You will have access to companies other than , digital assets, virtual and augmented reality. In addition, FMTV will also invest in companies that manufacture the hardware and technology components necessary to power the Metaverse.

    Looking at the fund’s recent performance, it’s only recently hit a one-year performance track record, but it’s benefited from the surge in U.S. stocks, especially the tech sector, in recent months.

    In conclusion, whether you’re an early adopter investor who believes the Metaverse is the next iteration of the Internet, or a company developing innovative solutions to meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated digital marketplace. Whether you’re a forward-looking investor looking to get in touch with us, the Fidelity Total Metaverse ETF offers a comprehensive reach to companies poised to build the digital infrastructure of the future and become industry leaders in the years to come. A solution that provides access to

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