Metaverse-themed Coworking Hub Opens in Central London

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    A hub dedicated to Metaverse-centric startups has opened in London’s West End. Huckletree’s 22,000 square foot office is located at 213 Oxford Street and is spread over two floors. It’s his fifth hub in the company’s UK capital and the first he aims to “bring Web3, creatives and investors together in one place”.

    Huckletree announced the space in September, saying the hub will see “metaverse pioneers, avant-garde designers, animators, digital disruptors, and Web3 builders working with a passionate investor community.”

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    space to create

    In addition to providing spaces for web3 entrepreneurs and builders to work in, Huckletree has established an expert advisory board to help industry professionals establish the venue as a go-to workspace. I am supporting.

    Board members include David Hanes, founder of metaverse-focused FOV Ventures, Jack Smyth, who manages Chanel’s web3 strategy for BrandTech Consulting, and Daniella Loftus, head of digital fashion company. this outfit doesn’t exist.

    “Web3 and the Metaverse, as we know them, have the potential to transform every industry. We need a space to call home: fundraising, deal flow, ideas, talent and cohesion,” said Huckletree CEO Gabriella Hersham. Said CityAM last year.

    “How spaces like this help push the physical realm and physical possibilities of Web3, making it a place where the new, the old, the imaginary and the physical can merge. I’m looking forward to seeing it.Creative production company CEO mad global.

    The workspace will feature a demo area where tenants can stress test new technologies and products. There’s also a rooftop terrace for events, his NFT gallery for artists to showcase their talents (or collectors to show off their collections), an immersive meta lounge for games, and several reading booths.

    In addition to supporting startups during working hours, the venue will host web3 workshops, Q&A sessions, product demos and meetups.

    Huckletree Oxford Circus already has several prominent tenants active in the web3 space, including Surreal DB, MassMutual Ventures, Project A, Haven and FivePointFive. The company’s other London-based hubs include his Huckletree White City in the Mediaworks building and his dedicated GovTech, AI, security and policy space in Westminster.

    Desire for physical coworking

    Critics may wonder why the Metaverse Venture needs a dedicated physical workspace. Being able to put on a VR headset and exchange ideas in a colorful virtual environment while maintaining the same level of productivity, isn’t the whole appeal of the Metaverse? But while many start-ups favor remote work policies, others prefer a hybrid or office-based model.

    In a recent blog post, Gabriela Hersham refuted the idea that embracing the Metaverse means plugging into VR and abandoning face time with colleagues. “We have seen a desire to meet at a physical location for the Web3 community and attend the NFT event in New York in 2022. It was argued that I would,” she said. I have written.

    “Where there is a community, there is a need to come together, exchange, and actively collaborate. Whether or not we introduce traditional creative into how we design in the metaverse, we can bridge connections and create new opportunities and deals. Or we can upskill corporate brands on how to unlock blockchain technology and NFT tokens for customer campaigns and backup functions.”

    Huckletree may be the first metaverse-oriented workspace in London, but not the first in the world. Last year, EmpireDAO leased Create a coworking space for web3 project builders at 36,000 square feet in Manhattan. It spanned six floors and offered hot desk memberships tokenized as NFTs. However, the venture hit hard during the crypto winter and closed at the turn of the year.

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