Metaverse Token DeepBrain Chain Soars 200% Due to AI Progress

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    Metaverse Token DBC is one of the best performing digital currencies in the first five months of the year. And that bullish cycle has been maintained by the release of progress reports focused on a number of areas, including artificial intelligence (AI).

    DBC is the next native asset. deep brain chain, a platform that uses blockchain technology to build a scalable, distributed, high-performance computing network.Its value has increased more than 200% year-to-date (YTD), according to cryptocurrency price tracker data coin market cap is shown.

    Starting the year at $0.001145, DBC was trading at $0.0039884 on May 24, up 248% in five months, according to on-chain data.

    DBC has benefited from positive market sentiment, but there are significant price drivers behind its rally.


    Progress report authority DeepBrain Chain Ascension

    Whether Metaverse Token DBC can remain profitable depends on the efforts of the DeepBrain Chain team.

    On May 21, the team made the announcement. Progress Report No. 133 We provided updates on product development progress, marketing progress, and ecosystem building.

    Under ecosystem construction, the development team emphasized: Haibao GPU Cloud – A platform where people around the world can rent GPU power at an affordable price.

    According to the report, DeepBrain is using its technology to help test artificial intelligence (AI) face-changing applications. “The platform supports A series GPU A5000, A4000 and 30 series GPU for trial testing. It can automatically replace the human face according to the sampling of the screenshot of the view, marketing to wig customers. We can provide support,” he said of the DeepBrain team.

    AI-generated content (AIGC) was also featured in the report. AIGC uses AI to automate the information creation process to meet users’ personalized requirements.

    DBC market capitalization increased by more than $4 million in May

    DBC opened May at a trading price of $0.03007 and reached a monthly high of $0.004202 on May 23rd.

    On the first day of the month, the market value of the project was approximately $8.6 million, but increased to approximately $13.2 million as of 11:00 UTC on May 24.

    Traders’ buying and selling activity increased DBC’s market value by approximately $4.6 million within three weeks. This explains why Token rose 40% of his May.

    Metaverse Token DeepBrain Chain Soars 200% As AI Advances


    DBC is supported by three cryptocurrency exchanges:, Huobi Global and BitMart.

    In cryptocurrencies, one of the main factors driving prices is exchange listing. Besides the aforementioned platforms, some of the largest exchanges by trading volume such as Binance, Deepcoin, Hotcoin Global, Upbit, MEXC Global, Coinbase, KuCoin, JPEX, Kraken, Gemini still support DeepBrain Chain’s new tokens. not added.

    If this happens along the way, DBC could possibly become the top 500 cryptocurrencies by market cap. In the process, ApeCoin (APE), Decentraland (MANA), alien world (TLM), Internet Computer (ICP), and Sandbox (SAND).

    Metaverse Token DeepBrain Chain Soars 200% As AI Advances

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