Metaverse Web3 Employment Opportunity Platform For Freelance NFT Creators Update

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    Published October 27, 2023

    With recent updates, Meta-Builders provides an avenue for Web3 development freelancers to connect with business owners who want to incorporate NFTs and Metaverse environments into their operations.

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    The newly updated service is suitable for freelancers with experience with a variety of Web3 applications, including NFTs, smart contracts, and metaverse builds.

    Although the initial boom in interest in Metaverse projects seems to have subsided, there are still 400 million active users worldwide, according to Metaversed data. According to research compiled by METAV.RS, more than 70% of Americans are considering or have already joined the Metaverse, and by 2026, 25% of Americans will spend some amount of time in the Metaverse each day. It is expected that you will spend some time.

    However, Web3 industry development requires specialized knowledge in areas such as blockchain programming and smart contract integration, so it can be costly for companies to hire and train their own in-house teams. Additionally, since the industry is still relatively new, freelance he Web3 developers may have a hard time finding clients because they don’t have references or portfolios to showcase their work. Meta-Builders has created a freelance platform to help companies who can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Metaverse by creating their own Metaverse projects, and professional developers looking for work opportunities in Web3. did.

    Meta-Builders’ platform facilitates consultation with a company’s team and introduces and guides business owners to freelancers who can design and launch Metaverse projects. In this regard, the platform creates a more reliable source of employment for freelance developers while maintaining work flexibility. Learn more about the platform here.

    Freelancers can also join Meta-Builders’ active online Discord community. There, developers and business owners can connect and discuss projects, ideas and future innovations. To date, the company has partnered with several major companies and clients, including Blockchain Valley Virtual, Moloch Digital, and Hip Hop Heads, to connect freelancers.

    A Meta-Builders spokesperson said: “We plan to become a consistent and reliable resource for service providers in the Web3 space to find reliable employment in the form of ‘home-based freelancing.” The Basics Essentially, by allowing workers to come and go as they please, “employment” opportunities are still stable. ”

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