Metavision Became A Metaverse Leader – Here’s How

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    Metavision won Best Metaverse Company at Metaverse’s The Drum Awards. Learn from award-winning case studies.

    Metavision’s North Star is building strategies and mainstream experiences for brands and entertainment companies that reach today’s audiences while preparing them for tomorrow’s. We think of the Metaverse as a virtual space where young audiences around the world can connect. As a result, we follow an audience-first approach and foster relationships with our community, from platform developers to map builders to the players themselves, to create fresh, engaging experiences that have a lasting impact on your brand. produce.

    Unashamedly Mass: We are platform agnostic, but we are not afraid to call ourselves unashamedly mass. We recommend platforms that already have a large player base (think Fortnite rather than Decentraland). This is because they can reach a mainstream audience who are entering the Metaverse not only for gaming but also for socializing. When we launched “Come Dine With Me” (aptly named “Come Mine With Me”) on Minecraft, we wanted to stay true to the platform and the format of the show, while still allowing friends to go out together. We worked to create gameplay that encourages:

    We engage with that audience because it’s the new code of conduct and where brands can have a lasting impact on the next generation. When he started the Timberland campaign in Fortnite Creative, he saw 450,000 map plays with an average play time of 18 minutes. This was a high-quality engagement that required the player’s full attention due to the nature of the experience.

    Community-Focused: We strongly encourage collaboration with our community of players, map builders, and platform developers. This allows us to keep abreast of developments in the field and ensures that any briefs we receive are relevant, innovative and, most importantly, deliverables for the field. Become. For example, our strong relationship with Epic Games means we’re agile and cutting-edge, building new features into our experience based on what’s added to the Fortnite ecosystem each week. . Our Timberland campaign is one example. This was the first branded map to use his VFX rewards in-game, and such systems are now an industry standard.

    We make sure to build valuable and meaningful experiences for our players. We speak like players speak and are integrated into the player community – there are no middlemen in between – so we understand what’s trending and what’s relevant. When brands come to us, they know they are fully integrated into the Metaverse and will deliver what players want. After the launch of Netflix’s One Piece campaign, the map began to be featured in various trending categories such as Epic Picks, Best of UEFN, and Most Favorite. It has also been naturally shared by Fortnite big names.

    Defining the Metaverse’s place in the marketing mix: With all our experience, we aim to make the Metaverse scalable. We believe that platforms and virtual worlds will continue to merge with more traditional media channels. That’s why we always strategize a wide range of impact-generating content. The days when TVCs were king will become obsolete as in-game/platform assets become an equally important part. marketing mix. If your brand wants to reach the next generation of audiences, you need to have a unique strategy. Our John Lewis x I’m a Celebrity campaign is a great example of this, integrating the Fortnite experience with real-time TV, making it the first of its kind and joining other media properties such as Jimmy Fallon Fortnite set out a blueprint that has been developed by world.

    We work closely with other partners, from Twitch streamers and influencers to talent and media agencies. When ITV’s ‘I’m a Celebrity’ partnership took John Lewis to a new world, we took the spaceship out of the ‘Unexpected Guest’ ad and his synchronized 4D ‘meta-moment’ He crash-landed on an ITV set and show before building. Played on three media simultaneously.

    Inside Fortnite Creative: A custom forest winter scene was built inside a custom map with a spaceship sticking out of the ground for the legendary Castle Coin Challenge.

    Primetime Product Placement: I’m a Celebrity saw celebrities repairing spaceships.

    Innovative OOH: I’m a Celebrity’s immersive 4D creative of a spaceship crash-landing near a castle will play out in the physical world on Tottenham Court Road’s Outernet screens. This is the first public use of this screen, and it was designed using Unreal Engine in partnership with Epic Games.

    For the Fortnite community: At the start of 4D OOH, a spaceship crash site will also be revealed in the map, giving gamers a chance to explore it and complete trials to rebuild the ship and send Aurora home. there was.

    Next Generation Media Brands: We believe the old rules of media will apply to the Metaverse, requiring new formats of IP and fandom. At Metavision, we’re taking the first steps into this new world, creating the next generation of media brands on platforms like Fortnite. It is built to provide opportunities for brands while also leaning into current platform trends, allowing brands to become part of existing playable experiences. Attract your player base with short lead times. A risk-free route to the Metaverse.

    There is a project that takes this approach even further. The I’m A Celebrity Fortnite experience returned for Season 2 last year, this time taking place in the jungle with his ITVX as brand sponsor. Deathrun 4 Your Loot, an experience owned by Metavision, has so far garnered him 416,000 map plays, with an average dwell time of his 21 minutes. Brands can therefore get involved in a variety of ways, from bespoke mini-games and arena-wide branding to targeted brand presence in key areas of the map.

    Testimonials: When we set the team at Metavision with the challenge of how we could bring the popular, long-running TV show Come Dine With Me into the Metaverse, we never expected anything to come of it. The vision we had for a Minecraft-based game was great and convincing enough to invest our own funds. It was a pleasure working with Ashley, Ryan, Serena, and the team at Metavision. They took the time to understand us and the show and incorporated the beats of that key format into the game. They were also great at keeping us informed throughout the development stages and pushing the game through Microsoft’s quality assurance processes. I look forward to working with them next time. They’re already actively proposing something really exciting. Pukar Mehta, COO | Two Four Group & Multistory Media


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