Metropoly Makes Global Real Estate Investment Feasible, Starting at $100

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    As the population grows at a frightening rate, so does the appeal of global real estate. However, not all of us can purchase real estate simply as a long-term investment or passive income source. Most of us work our entire lives to pay for the roof that is overhead.

    The current real estate market is far from inclusive, but blockchain technology can fundamentally change the landscape. Metropoly.

    Add a property to your portfolio in 2 minutes

    Metropoly is currently holding a pre-sale for native crypto METRO. The event has received unprecedented support from people new to Web 3.0. Metropoly’s rapid community growth suggests its enormous growth potential. In fact, METRO is widely cited as his next big cryptocurrency of 2023.

    The hype may sound overboard, but it justifies the underlying project and puts forward some strong value propositions with real-world relevance.

    Metropoly is building the world’s first real estate-backed NFT marketplace. No, it’s not NFT Real Estate, aka Metaverse Real Estate. But NFT is backed by his REAL real estate assets. The Metropoly team selects high-yield real estate properties from around the world and lists them on the market as his NFTs. All data about their functions, transaction history and value are recorded on the blockchain.

    Since most real estate assets cost millions of dollars, NFTs are split into affordable pieces. These fractional NFTs are available for purchase starting at $100. As a result, anyone can invest in high-yield real estate with their monthly savings, regardless of financial background or credit score.

    In case you’re wondering, Metropoly allows you to earn rental income like traditional real estate. They also create long-term value based on the market value of the underlying real estate.

    But that’s not all. There are other reasons why Metropoly’s real estate NFTs are a better investment than his traditional NFTs.

    Metropoly vs. Traditional Real Estate 1. High Liquidity

    If it would take months to buy a property in the traditional market, Metropoly cuts it down to just minutes. So if you know what you’re buying from the list of properties listed on our platform. It is included.

    You can also find all information about the property here. Choose one (or more) and purchase with just a few clicks. Selling these NFTs is just as easy.

    2. Low initial capital

    Investing in Metropoly comes at a low price, as properties added to the blockchain are available as partial NFTs. As a result, even those with low initial capital can enter the market. To put things into perspective, let’s say your system allows 10,000 people to buy a $1 million property for $100 each.

    3. Trouble-free investment

    All the hassles of real estate investing, including legal, paperwork and banking, are expertly handled by the Metropoly team. We also arrange property maintenance, find tenants, and collect rent.

    Rental revenue will be automatically distributed to NFT holders by a blockchain smart contract. As you can see, Metropoly fulfills its goal of turning real estate into a passive investment and opening an easy doorway to income-generating real estate for the masses.

    Metropoly digital assets are an excellent hedge against market volatility

    The richest people in the world hold the majority of their portfolios in the real estate market. This makes sense because real estate is safe, profitable and reliable.

    But buying real estate for long-term returns and regular cash flow isn’t a dream come true for most people. Their portfolios are full of low-yielding, high-risk stocks and mutual funds. Metropoly changes the scenario by empowering people to jump into the real estate market. It can not only lower barriers to the real estate market, but also improve portfolio diversification. You can invest in a wide range of properties around the world, which greatly reduces your risk.

    It is no exaggeration to say that Metropoly will eventually become an evergreen investment in the crypto market. The specific use cases of this project are deeply rooted in the real world, making it an excellent hedge against crypto market turmoil.

    METRO pre-sale started

    Metropoly is currently running the 10th stage of its token presale at $0.0714 per piece. As a native crypto, METRO offers a wide range of utilities in the ecosystem, including facilitating payment and reward systems.

    With a total token supply of $1 billion and a relatively low exchange listing price of $0.1, METRO could grow tenfold by the end of the year. Due to the high market relevance of the project, the project could grow to a $1 billion market cap if the roadmap unfolds as planned.

    The Metropoly beta dashboard has been in development for about a year and is now live. Releasing the product before the token launch has given Metropoly more confidence in its future. METRO is having a bright year ahead with multiple development milestones coming up. If you have invested in METRO, buy before the next price increase to ensure the best possible return.

    Participating in the pre-sale also qualifies for the ongoing Metropoly giveaway, where you can win a Burj Khalifa apartment worth $1 million.

    Disclaimer: This should not be construed as investment advice. Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets. Do your own research before investing and only invest money you can afford to lose. We may receive a commission for clicking links in this article.

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