Miami NFT Week announces speakers highlighting rapidly growing crypto communities in Latin America

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    March 21, 2023, Miami, Florida — Miami NFT Week, the largest non-fungible token (NFT) gathering to hit the Web3 hub in South Florida, has announced dozens of new speakers to its line-up. Together with the three-day event agenda, these speakers will further fuel the rapid growth of the crypto-native community in Latin America. The gathering returns to 305 to once again usher in innovation, creativity and imagination formed at the intersection of crypto and culture. Miami NFT Week offers cutting-edge networking, panels, and a series of cultural discussions for the Latin American community.

    This year’s Miami NFT Week will feature speakers from around the world, including:

    Laura Rodriguez, host and co-founder of The Miami Ape, said:

    “Miami NFT Week 2022 was my first introduction to the cryptocurrency and Web3 stage. As a young woman, I was trying to understand the space and my place in it all. , I found my passion was in this emerging world and launched my own company, The Miami Ape, shortly after.If it weren’t for Miami NFT Week 2022, there would be so many in the country and around the world. I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to speak on stage.A year later, I’m looking back on my journey and standing in front of everyone as a speaker at Miami NFT Week 2023 to share my story and hopefully help young women like me. can inspire.”

    Stefany Bello, Senior Vice President, Mastercard, “Latinos Vamos! Women’s Power LATAM Women!” features key conversations around women’s power in Latin America (LATAM). In addition, Mastercard sponsors her four panels focused on LATAM and her growing LATAM crypto community. The four panels included her Aping to LATAM, Web3 Latin Leveraging Her Network, Web3 Perspectives and Her Startup Opportunities from LATAM, and ¡°LATAM¡±. Includes Vamos! Latin American power. Additionally, Eduardo Abreu, Vice President of Blockchain and Digital Assets at Mastercard and Marcus Carmo, Director of Brand Management, Innovation and Digital Marketing for Latin America and the Caribbean, will present on a panel to provide insights surrounding this constant evolution. Add community.

    Miami NFT Week will focus on building opportunities for crypto newcomers and individuals who, like Laura last year, are still trying to find their calling within the crypto community. We continue to expand our message. These fundamental ideas permeate the entire conference through the key pillars of Culture, Metaverse, Enterprise, Web3, and Community.

    Miami NFT Week co-founder Erik LaPaglia said:

    “We strive to provide a welcoming environment for all crypto enthusiasts – natives, novices and curious individuals alike. Crypto and Web3 are evolving rapidly and at Miami NFT Week, We want to help the community evolve.The testimony we got at last year’s conference was overwhelming and it has always been our goal to be the most inclusive cryptocurrency event. I am proud to be able to continue

    To bring new innovators into the field, Miami NFT Week hosts a group of NFT Kids. NFT Kids Magazineis the first NFT publication for digital kids artists, founded by 13-year-old NFT artist and photographer Gemeidon. Children aged 7 to her 15 will have booths at the conference, exhibiting art, signing autographs and bringing fresh perspectives to the space. For added fun, four children — Christopher Lyons, genesis johnson, brooklyn bailey and Ariana Sabatino — speaks on a panel over the weekend.

    In addition to diverse panel topics and networking opportunities, Miami NFT will: BuildsonThis year’s contest, which is free to enter, not only provides participants with an interactive environment to hear about industry-leading tools, artists, and founders. They can interact with them and build together. The winning team will receive over $25,000 in cash prizes.

    visit Miami NFT Week Learn more about buildathon, buy tickets and view sponsorship opportunities here.

    About Miami NFT Week

    Miami NFT Week is one of the largest Web3 gatherings on the East Coast of the United States, bringing together leading industry founders, influencers, and political figures in the broader blockchain space to build bridges through blockchain and diverse communities. Featuring a global network of leaders.

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