Michele Zanello’s Hybrid Catwalks in the Metaverse

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    A name echoes with devastating echoes in the digital space of the Metaverse. Michele Zanello. A visionary from Italy, he reimagined the future of fashion, ushering in an era of innovative aesthetics and immersive experiences. Zanello’s pioneering journey began as his manager in entertainment to pioneering his scene in fashion in the Metaverse. Metaverse His Fashion A World First Hybrid in His Week Spotlight his catwalk and explore how Zanello reshaped the runway by combining cutting-edge technology and haute couture .

    Born in the beautiful town of Latisana in Udine, Zanello started his career in 2015 as a social media manager and event manager for various venues in Italy. He quickly understood the intricacies of entertainment and carved out his own niche in his industry. His quest for constant evolution led him to found Midnight He Milan His Society in 2020. This organization is a groundbreaking agency that offers a comprehensive package for public his image and interests for a diverse clientele ranging from musicians to celebrities.

    That same year, Zanero seized the opportunity to move to the forefront of digital evolution. As his A&R head for a music brokerage company in Milan, he worked with world-renowned dance labels such as Warner Music, Armada and Smash the House. Against the backdrop of the growing Metaverse revolution, Zanello’s collaboration in 2021 with Davide Cuccini and Diego di Tommaso proved to be a pivotal move. He recognized the immense potential of the platform Over The Reality to trigger “a new level of entertainment”.

    Zanello accepted the role as Head of Metaverse Events & Relations and worked closely with the marketing team to come up with new event types. He navigated the complexity of the world’s largest augmented reality metaverse while managing relationships with his major Web3 projects such as Decentraland, Sandbox and Spatial. In 2022, his visionary approach culminated in the creation of the inaugural Crossmetaverse Music Festival, featuring notable artists such as Osbourne and Dillon Francis, in collaboration with Decentraland. bottom.

    In March 2023, Zanello marked a paradigm shift when he became project manager for Metaverse Fashion Week. With his innovative thinking, he challenged traditional norms and established the world’s first hybrid his catwalk. The groundbreaking event took place digitally at the Milan Cathedral and featured big names like Pinko, Space Runners x Balmain and XR Couture. According to Forbes, the daring exhibition showcased works from Pette Liger’s Gucci Vault collection, “Gucci’s Next 100 Years,” putting Zanello in the history books of Milan.

    But Zanello doesn’t just have devastating foresight behind the scenes. Having been involved in over 50 major events, he has shared his insights and vision as a speaker at prestigious digital events such as NFT New York City and Limitless Innovation Paris. His musical contributions also form an integral part of his creative portfolio. As a member of the Italian trio FUTURA, he has released a series of popular songs and has been named one of the 100 most influential Italians in the music industry in 2022 (IEMBI 2022).

    Michele Zanello’s vision for a disruptive and imaginative future is clear. He paved the way for a revolutionary fusion of fashion and technology on the Metaverse runway, revolutionizing the fashion world forever. His hybrid his catwalk work redefines the boundaries of traditional events and sets new standards for his digital landscape in the metaverse. In this evolving digital age, Zanello’s groundbreaking vision seems poised to continue reshaping our reality, virtual step by step.

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