Microsoft Enables Live Search Results from Bing to ChatGPT

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    As the AI ​​race continues to accelerate, Microsoft is launching a number of new AI technologies, especially for Bing, as part of an effort to capture more billions of dollars in the global search advertising market, which is expected to reach $279 billion in 2023. announced a feature.

    The company announced a number of updates for users at its annual build conference on May 24, 2023. This includes allowing OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, to access Bing search results. ChatGPT’s responses were initially limited to information as of 2021.

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    ChatGPT can now pull information from Bing web results for ChatGPT Plus users, and the feature will soon be available to free users, according to the tech giant.

    A new integration with Bing search results allows ChatGPT to provide more comprehensive and informative answers to your questions.

    next generation business applications

    Similar to OpenAI, which recently announced an ecosystem of plugins for its AI chatbot ChatGPT, Microsoft will follow suit and launch its own plugin ecosystem for Bing.

    according to John RoachMicrosoft introduced the Copilot concept about two years ago. GitHub CopilotAI Pair Programmers to help developers code.

    Earlier this year, the company released a series of co-pilot AI systems along with the Bing chatbot.

    Microsoft announced the expansion of the Microsoft Copilots ecosystem to include Copilot for Power BI and Copilot for Power Pages in preview, Copilot for Microsoft Fabric coming in preview in June, and Windows Copilot.

    The company said the plugin is the connection between the co-pilot and the rest of the digital world.

    “Looking at Bing Chat, you might think this is pretty magical and complicated, but Microsoft gives developers everything they need to build their own co-pilot. said Kevin Scott, Microsoft’s chief technology officer.

    “In the next few years, I think this will be the expectation of how all software will behave.”

    Microsoft invests heavily in AI research and development, making it easy for developers to build AI-powered applications. These new features help businesses and developers harness the power of AI to improve their products and services.

    Learn more about new AI features

    Software giant announces microsoft fabricis a new comprehensive analytics platform that connects OneLake, a single data repository, to data engineering, data integration, data warehousing, data science, real-time analytics, applied observability, and business intelligence.

    Microsoft also microsoft dev box In July 2023, there will also be additional service features such as new developer images in the Azure Marketplace and a dedicated developer interface for managing dev boxes and environments in Azure deployment environments.

    in the coming months, Windows Copilot According to Microsoft, it will be accessible in preview. Windows Copilot builds on Bing Chat to provide personalized responses and help users take actions within Windows 11, such as changing settings, playing specific playlists, or launching associated apps.

    To make it easier to incorporate external data sources into Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft is also Azure AI Studio. These upgrades enable clients to deploy state-of-the-art AI models using their own data, resulting in faster time to value for AI-powered apps.

    In addition to ChatGPT and Azure’s new capabilities, Microsoft is also working on a new AI platform called project bonsaiThis makes it easier for companies to build and deploy AI models.

    These are just some of the new AI capabilities announced by Microsoft. build meeting 2023. This new feature is expected to help businesses and developers harness the power of AI to improve their products and services.

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