Microsoft Shelves Plans for Industrial Metaverse Project

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    Microsoft laid off its industrial metaverse team of about 100 employees. The team focused on creating metaverse functionality in an industrial environment.

    Microsoft is the next big tech company to cut its Metaverse plans. The company has announced that it will close its industrial metaverse team, which was founded only about four months ago. About 100 employees were reportedly laid off.

    This particular metaverse team was called the “industrial metaverse core” and focused on industrial environments. Specifically, it was intended to build interfaces for operating control systems for power plants, robotics, and transportation networks. according to to information.

    Microsoft is one of several high-profile technology companies that have laid off. Other companies in this category include Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and Meta. With these actions, some believe the days of big tech glamor are over.

    Still, big tech companies continue to make big strides in technology development. Microsoft is the center of attention for ChatGPT, an innovative AI service funded by the company. The company recently announced the integration of ChatGPT with the Edge browser.

    It’s interesting that Microsoft made the decision to shut down the Metaverse has worked on it hololens It’s been a mixed reality device for years, although there’s no indication that it will be commercially successful. Company executives also explained the importance of the sector as we head into an increasingly digital world.

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella herself talks about the benefits of the Metaverse. Indeed, acquisitions of companies like Altspace VR and his ongoing acquisition of Activision Blizzard demonstrate a metaverse strategy.However, Microsoft announced Last month, the decision to close the former.

    Other companies have also tempered their ambitions related to the metaverse. Meta has announced that he will be closing down his Crayta, which he purchased less than two years later. The company also close Echo VR, a popular metaverse game in the ecosystem.

    Meta has also made its own acquisitions, win a lawsuit against the FTC. Mehta was now able to buy within, which he considered the FTC to be anti-competitive conduct.


    BeInCrypto has reached out to the companies or individuals involved in the story to obtain an official statement regarding the recent developments, but has yet to hear back.


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