Microsoft Teams For Windows 11 Introduces Community Support And An AI-powered Image Tool

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    Microsoft has improved the free version of Teams for Windows 11. This application has gathered community support. It’s a sort of reaction from the software giant to similar grouping tools found on other platforms such as Facebook.*, Discord, WhatsApp, Reddit. Additionally, Teams developers have built in support for Microsoft Designer, a neural network-based tool that can be used to create images for social media, event invitations, and more.

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    Teams Communities launched last December, but at the time it was only available to service users on the mobile application. Now that restriction has been lifted and anyone can organize a group, host an event, or create a group chat. “With Windows 11, community owners can create communities from scratch, invite new members, create and host events, use security features to manage content, and receive notifications for all important events. I can.”says the developer. It’s also worth noting that community support will soon be available for Windows 10, macOS, and the web versions of Teams in the service.

    Additionally, Teams users on Windows 11 have access to a preview of Microsoft Designer tools. This is useful when creating event and conference invitations, community her banners, social media images, and more. Designer uses neural networks, so its functionality is similar to other similar services such as DALL-E and Adobe Express.

    Other small changes have been implemented in Teams for mobile devices aimed at making interacting with the service more pleasant. At the same time, the developer updated GroupMe, the messaging service Microsoft acquired in 2011 along with his Skype. The service has Teams calling support, allowing a user to make his Teams call or join a group video call through GroupMe chat.

    * This means public and religious bodies whose liquidation or prohibition of activity has been finally decided by the court on the grounds set out in Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25, 2002 “On Combating Extremism”. included in the list of meet activity. ”


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