Mind the gender gap: Women are underrepresented in the metaverse, too

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    Susan Armstrong

    It’s no secret that women have been underpaid, underrepresented and underrepresented in the workplace for decades.

    Despite some progress, women still earn about 16.1% less than men, and globally, women hold 35% of senior management positions compared to 65% of men.

    Statistics are even tougher in the technical field. In 2020, women held just 20% of tech jobs at Microsoft and 23% of tech jobs at Facebook, Google and Apple.

    Over the past two years, the total number of women in large tech jobs has fallen by 2.1%. At smaller tech companies, she dropped even more to 5.1%.

    Only 10.9% of CEOs or senior management positions are women. And at the biggest tech companies, the numbers are even lower, with only 5% of her CEOs being women.

    The battle continues in the Metaverse

    There are many talented women out there, but the world of immersive tech is still very masculine. And unfortunately, it looks like the struggle will continue in the Metaverse.

    according to mckinsey reportthe majority of leadership roles in the metaverse are now held by men, despite the fact that women are spending more time on the platform. Only 34% of men were engaged for more than a year.

    Additionally, women are more likely to lead metaverse initiatives in the workplace.

    An impressive 60% of women are running at least two initiatives related to the metaverse. According to the report, this makes women 20% more likely than men to initiate multiple Metaverse-related initiatives.

    “The reality is that women spend more time in the proto-metaverse than men and, according to our data, are more likely to spearhead and execute metaverse initiatives,” says the report.

    “But just as across the technology sector, women represent minorities in the metaverse economy. Both the roles of entrepreneurial capital and CEOs in the metaverse space remain disproportionately reserved to men. ”

    overcome prejudice

    So how can we overcome gender bias during this crucial time? By facing it head-on.

    Immersive technology must become an attractive career prospect for a new generation of women and men. And technology companies must ensure that this virtual world is responsive to the needs and desires of everyone, not just the few.

    Only then can the Metaverse give us the opportunity to build a truly inclusive and equitable society, which one day may even be a force for good.

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