More than half of the people in the world want to watch movies and play games in the metaverse.

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    ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced the start of development of Metaverse-how-to-identify-the-person-behind-an-avatar/”>metaverse virtual worlds that people can enter through avatars, and virtual reality In October 2021, users will: CEO of the goal.

    Now, after Zuckerberg announced progress, technology of virtual reality development with Avatar A relevant statistic has been produced that reveals some of the desires people have about this digital world. expedition this space.

    According to the company GWIHis documents, devoted to market research, consumer insights indicates that 51% Percentage of users who want to watch movies on this new streaming platform goalin the meantime 44% glad to participate Video gameOther uses of this digital environment include product testing (43%), join a live event (41%) or shopping.

    this action and opinion Generated among potential consumers of the virtual world of the Metaverse, the event “SAP Concur Session: Everything Has Changed.” They talked about what draws people to this possibility. digital environment based on virtual reality.

    According to producer Sara Torres, game and Metaverso’s This is Metaverse attended the event and is one of the attractions people are watching platform Interaction is not limited to the two-dimensionality of the screen mobile phone or of computerBut it is immersive and three-dimensional.

    Torres, on the other hand, is actually different.metaverse” People are in contact in different ways. “If you scan QR code Get data about products or phone for the brands of Augmented reality‘ was an example he suggested to demonstrate this technology is available in the current.

    Professionals also use another type of virtual experience This is primarily due to the fact that the user has control over development. digital environment This is “decentralized” and interoperability This means that the same platform can be accessed from different platforms. Avatar and profile user’s.

    This last property is one of the development challenges. metaverse as I thought of the suggestion of zuckerberg People rely on a single access device or digital world Suggested, but can be presented to the user in a different way stimulation Adaptable to the platform available to each person.

    Attending live events, shopping, and gaming are some of the activities people look forward to doing in the virtual world.
    Attending live events, shopping, and gaming are some of the activities people look forward to doing in the virtual world.

    However, even if people have access to service, product and virtual environment of metaverse Torres points out that it will be difficult for people to leave Earth completely in the near future. face to face To occupy space in the metaverse permanently, or at least in most cases exclusively. time.

    “hello metaverse You can increase your experience in simple ways, such as buying clothes while walking virtual There is an element of joy and relaxation in actually receiving milk at home or buying it directly from the refrigerator and doing certain activities in person when you feel you need it,” Torres said. told to


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