MosoLabs Launches Trellis, a Secure Video Monitoring Solution Powered by the Helium 5G Network

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    web3 expands cost-effective, secure and easy-to-install monitoring solutions for property managers and business owners.

    San Jose, California


    May 3, 2023

    /PRNewswire/ — MosoLabs, builder of world-class wireless products that enable people to use and extend decentralized, blockchain-powered and private networks, has developed secure video with advanced video AI analytics. Launched Trellis, a monitoring solution. Time view, and recording of video events.Helium 5G Ready

    Moso Yeh

    Cameras and doorbells with Trellis Secure Video Monitoring are now available. Bundles are also coming soon. It consists of a combination of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) LTE small cell radio, camera and video doorbell, all powered by Helium 5G network.

    MosoLabs’ mission is to build cutting-edge wireless solutions that enable property managers and facility owners to better manage their business sites. MosoLabs allows small businesses to easily deploy and manage their own CBRS network while rapidly scaling installations of CBRS-connected IoT devices to gain insight into facility security and equipment effectiveness. can be obtained.

    “The launch of Trellis is the result of hard work and dedication by our team and collaboration with the Helium ecosystem.”

    Andy Lynn

    , co-founder of MosoLabs. “We look forward to seeing the fruits of our work and what the future holds for MosoLabs. We believe this new secure and cost-effective video surveillance solution represents a great opportunity for property managers. ”

    Thanks to CBRS LTE, MosoLabs cameras have a longer range and are more secure compared to Wi-Fi alternatives. In addition to longer range and greater security, a CBRS solution is much easier to deploy and the connectivity is completely wireless, minimizing initial costs.In fact, by choosing Trellis, the range of indoor wireless connectivity is maximized.


    outdoor wireless connection up to



    Helium Network is the world’s first decentralized wireless network, providing accessible, open-source, low-cost wireless coverage to a wide range of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in 192 countries around the world. MosoLabs uses Helium to deliver an unprecedented asset monitoring solution with secure data transmission and the ability for users to earn cryptocurrency as their network grows.

    “With innovative solutions like Trellis, MosoLabs continues to demonstrate the value of community-driven wireless networks in powering the next generation of smart home devices.”

    Abhay Kumar

    , CEO of the Helium Foundation. “MosoLabs will continue to be a dedicated ecosystem partner, facilitating the utility and use of the Helium Network.”

    Design your own Helium 5G powered secure video surveillance solution with Moso Leaf Camera and Moso Leaf Doorbell.Suggested retail price for each Trellis compatible camera and doorbell is


    Includes 24 months of cloud storage and 20 GB of Helium 5G data.with trellis

    Moso Yeh

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    MosoLabs develops leading hardware and software products that enable people to build and use open, distributed wireless networks. We pride ourselves on being customer-focused, focused on innovation, and trustworthy solutions that enable everyone to grow and use their networks, while maximizing the rewards for doing so. offers. MosoLabs is backed by Sercomm.Click here for details

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