Motown Records Enters the Metaverse with Second Life

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    Photo credit: Linden Labs

    Motown Records and STYNGR have partnered with the original metaverse, Second Life.

    The collaboration will launch a new immersive music experience within Second Life and venue Motown Records. It will also be home to in-world appearances by top Motown classical and contemporary artists. Linden Lab released his Second Life in 2003, making it one of his OG virtual worlds that still exists today.

    The Motown Records venue will open with an interactive experience that celebrates the record label’s iconic sound. Visitors will be able to get his Stings, and Second Life residents will be able to attach Motown Records music snippets to their avatars.Remember A hit clip? Well, a digital version of it is coming to Second Life. There will also be a handpicked Motown Records radio station, with new content set to continue throughout 2023.

    This will be the first digital experience of its kind by Motown Records. This partnership is made possible by STYNGR’s licensing, technology and platform to import carefully selected music from major and indie labels.

    “Motown Records stands out as one of the most innovative and purpose-driven record labels in history,” adds Alvaro Verrira, senior vice president of new business for UMG. “We are thrilled that this unprecedented partnership with Second Life will offer fans of the label’s pioneering artists an unparalleled immersive experience. It offers a whole new way to build community around music and music.”

    “Our goal in seeking partnerships and collaborative opportunities is to improve, enhance and enrich the in-world experience of Second Life residents,” said Brad Overweger, Executive Chairman of Linden Labs. “Collaborating with Motown Records and STYNGR to bring the timeless music of one of the world’s most iconic music brands to our community is an incredible opportunity for Second Life, and we believe this is an incredible opportunity to expand beyond our existing brands alone. We are thrilled to be working with our existing brands to bring them to life, as well as new Residents who want to experience the music of Motown Records in a whole new way.”


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