MQDC Idyllias Launches as a “Metta-Verse for All Life Visible”, The World’s First Fully Bridged Reality and Wonders, Bringing Sustainability for All

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    Bangkok, March 2, 2023 /PR Newswire/ — MQDCA major real estate developer announced MQDC Idiousthe first metaverse to bridge the real and virtual worlds, creating a new future where all life coexists in happiness, kindness, equality, sustainability and innovation.

    Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDCsaid MQDC Idious Its subsidiary MQDC Metaverse is under development.

    The project is “metaverse“, named after the Thai word “”Metta“Generosity, kindness and good wishes for others, the concept of idilious.

    “We want everyone to have a memorable experience. MQDC Idious‘ he said. Virtual worlds connect to reality, promoting happiness, goodwill and sustainable innovation. Our metaverse helps solve real-world problems. ”

    Each activity and experience at Idyllias reflects the concept of “”.Metaverse of all visible life“For all life to coexist peacefully.

    Malaisirirat said MQDC Idyllias underscores MQDC’s clear goal of becoming a leading real estate developer and a world leader in innovation.

    “This Metaverse project reaffirms that MQDC is more than just a real estate developer, it is a leader in technology and innovation that enhances all dimensions of life and the well-being of all societies.”

    MQDC Idyllias advances MQDC as a purpose-driven real estate developer creating sustainable innovations for the world and society under the philosophy of ‘For All Well-Being’.

    Parut Penpayap, Project Director, MQDC Idylliassaid that the Metaverse will not only feature virtual properties, but will be a virtual world where users will seamlessly connect with the real world.

    “We aim to seamlessly connect the two worlds to make the experience even better,” he said. “Experiences in the real world can push the limits of virtuality and vice versa. Idyllias provides enhanced experiences that can be applied to the real world beyond real estate development and virtual real estate. ”

    MQDC Idyllias will be a place for users to gather and share activities and meaningful experiences. Metaverse will be developed under the concept of “Internet of Place” with a one-stop virtual experience.

    A new concept commercial project “Direct to Avatar” is being developed within the virtual world, connecting the real and virtual worlds to achieve lifestyle benefits for residents and users. MQDC Idyllias helps drive the economy in every sector, from entertainment to real estate to health.

    MQDC Idyllias is under development to improve usability. Development is also focused on ensuring users shape the future. The Metaverse will be operational from 2024.

    MQDC Idyllias is T&B Media Global (sea ​​bream) is a production company focused on entertainment content and world-class animation.

    Ramakrishnan CN, Accenture Song’s Southeast Asia Integration and metaverse leads“Idyllias pushes the boundaries of the digital space, taking users on immersive journeys set in physical, virtual, and fantasy environments.

    “We see the Metaverse as an evolving and expanding continuum that spans the spectrum of digitally-enhanced worlds, realities, and business models. In doing so, we learn how they work, live, play and learn in the virtual and physical worlds.”

    MQDC has been developing the Metaverse project since 2021. Last year, the company announced a collaboration with his Accenture, a leading global professional services company, to develop his MQDC metaverse.

    MQDC’s Metaverse business is not only a leading real estate developer, but also a limitless number of new properties, serving customers and anyone interested in innovative virtual realms that connect the real and virtual worlds. Be an experience creator.

    About MQDC Idious

    MQDC Idyllias is a metaverse project being developed by MQDC Metaverse, a subsidiary of international real estate developer MQDC.

    The MQDC Metaverse helps MQDC achieve its mission as a purpose-driven developer to support sustainable innovation and help society under its ‘For All Well-Being’ philosophy.

    Following the 2021 project announcement, the MQDC Metaverse began collaborating with Accenture last year. A world-leading professional services company assists in the development of the MQDC Idyllias concept and overall structure.

    This collaboration will help MQDC launch its next chapter as an innovation leader in real estate. MQDC will also be able to offer a seamless experience with his MQDC Idyllias, where the real and virtual worlds are perfectly connected.

    About MQDCs

    MQDC is a leading developer of innovative residential projects for the well-being and well-being of all life under the concept of “Pioneer in Sustaining Innovation for All Happiness”.

    MQDC develops residential, thematic and mixed-use projects under the brands ‘Magnolias’, ‘Whizdom’, ‘The Aspen Tree’, ‘Mulberry Grove’ and ‘The Forestias’. All projects are designed and built to the highest standards with a 30-year warranty that reflects their excellence.

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