MT Tower Reveals Details of Its Influencer-Driven Metaverse

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    Meta Tower (MT Tower), a blockchain project building an influencer and social media landscape with authentic interactions within an immersive wonderland, has unveiled an overview of its ecosystem. MetaTower is building an ecosystem for influencers in the social media space to interact with their audiences in an immersive digital world where creativity has no limits.

    What’s great about MetaTower?

    According to the MT Tower team, the project stands out for its focus on reliability without compromising ecosystem economics. Typically, metaverses tend to rely solely on avatars and artificial environments. However, MT Tower introduces a ground-breaking concept: a “real-world bridge.” MT Tower recently signed a deal with his famous Web3 video game company, Xsolla, which will develop his entire MetaTower metaverse.

    “Real-World Bridges” is like teleporting to scanned real-world locations. For influencers, this opens the door to a world of exciting possibilities, allowing them to take their followers on a journey that is more authentic and relatable than ever before.

    Influencers in the MT Tower ecosystem are also the ultimate creators, with the freedom to express their creativity beyond the boundaries of traditional social media. The immersive nature of the platform allows influencers to host events, interact with fans, and create their own virtual spaces for their viewers.

    In particular, traditional social media platforms stifle creativity by limiting avatar customization. But that is not the case with MT Tower. MT Tower provides a dedicated space for influencers to be limited only by their creativity. They can design their own unique avatar, showcase it and trade virtual assets. By doing so, influencers not only gain followers and earn income from their work, but also maintain a truly unique identity.

    The focus on unique identity creates a need to protect user privacy. MT Tower says it has developed the perfect blend of immersive experience and privacy, ensuring influencers have secure interactions within the Metaverse.

    Governance and token economy

    Powering interactions within the MT Tower Metaverse, the MT token is gearing up for listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges.In the meantime, we are being audited solid proofwhose KYC process will soon follow.

    MT tokens will be available on the MEXC exchange from October 18th and will also be listed on Kanga.Exchange. This token gives owners a say in the governance of the platform. The MT Tower team says this will ensure that the community of users, not just influencers, has a say in future developments.


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