Music Publishers Sue Anthropic for Copyright Infringement

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    Universal Music Group (UMG), ABKCO, and Concord Publishing have partnered to file a lawsuit against AI company Anthropic. Music publishers have filed suit in federal court in Tennessee, accusing Anthropic of using copyrighted song lyrics to train its AI chatbot, Claude.

    The AI ​​startup is also suspected of distributing copyrighted music lyrics through its chatbot Claude 2.

    Approximately 500 songs were illegally used

    according to Appear, UMG is suing Anthropic for $75 million in damages. Other companies listed as “publishers” have also accused Anthropic of using their artists’ lyrics to train their AI models without permission.

    According to the filing, about 500 songs were used without copyright permission.according to Reuters, Songs used include “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys, “Halo” by Beyoncé, and “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson.

    “The publishers brought this lawsuit to address the systematic and widespread infringement of copyrighted song lyrics by the artificial intelligence (AI) company Anthropic,” the group’s lawyers said in a statement.

    “In the process of building and operating its AI models, Anthropic illegally copies and distributes vast amounts of copyrighted works, including lyrics for countless songs owned or controlled by publishers. .”

    by lawsuit According to a document posted online, the “publisher” has embraced AI innovation and believes the industry has the potential to be better, but the technology requires responsible implementation and ethical considerations. It is stated that there is.

    Several AI companies are facing lawsuits from various copyright holders regarding the use of their content to train models.

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    Redistribution of copyrighted material

    The music publisher also accuses Anthropic of redistributing copyrighted material and infringing on the original work, according to the filing.

    They claim that Claude 2 produces results similar to lyrics such as Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive,” the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” and Katy Perry’s “Roar.” are doing.

    When a complaint prompted Claude 2 to “write a song about Buddy Holly’s death,” the chatbot created a facsimile of the lyrics to Don McLean’s “American Pie.”

    While there are websites that share lyrics online, music publishers acknowledge that these lyric distribution platforms “license the lyrics,” while Anthropic claims that “Important “In many cases, copyright management information is omitted.”

    By distributing materials without permission, UMG states: “Anthropic’s piracy is not innovation. Simply put, it’s theft.”

    humanity is 1 of 4 companies focused on AI They were invited to a White House meeting in May to discuss responsible AI development with Vice President Kamala Harris.

    Follow normal steps

    The case also serves as a reminder for AI-focused companies to follow normal procedures when building their businesses.

    “Like developers of other technologies that have come before them, from printing presses to photocopiers to web crawlers, AI companies must follow the law,” the lawsuit says.

    The complaint also states that “Anthropic illegally copies and distributes vast amounts of copyrighted works in the course of building and operating its models.”

    Anthropic was founded in 2021 by former OpenAI research executives. The $4.1 billion company is backed by: sales force, Google, Zoom. Since March, the AI ​​company has raised $750 million in two funding rounds.

    company Claude 2 released The chatbot developed in July was announced to be capable of summarizing 75,000 words compared to ChatGPT’s 3,000 words.

    While UMG moves forward with its lawsuit against Anthropic, it also shows that it is serious about the responsible use of AI in music. The use of AI technology in music is on the rise, as evidenced by our latest agreement with Singapore-based AI developer BandLabs Technologies in a partnership to protect the rights of artists and songwriters.


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