Nano Labs Launches iPollo Metaverse Photography Studio Service

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    Hangzhou, China, October 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nano Labs Ltd (NASDAQ: N.A.) (“we”, “company” or “nano lab) is one of the world’s leading fabless integrated circuit design companies and product solutions providers. Chinatoday announced the introduction of a new photo studio service (the “New Service”) within the iPollo Metaverse business segment. The new service, which integrates 3D scanning and printing services, aims to provide an innovative experience in collecting digital avatars and creating lifelike 3D figures. A quadrennial multi-sport event featuring athletes from around the world during the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games Asiathis new service caters to over 5,000 athletes, garnering attention and media coverage from many outlets and establishing itself as a popular destination within the Asian Games Village.

    Equipped with an image scanning cabin, this new service expertly captures athletes’ memorable moments, cementing its position as one of the most popular technology applications in the Asian Games Village. iPollo Metaverse, integrated with iPollo’s 3D scanning, printing, and AR technology, creates various digital environments for multiple his IPs, enhances user engagement, and facilitates the digital migration of IPs into the metaverse realm. . In addition, iPollo’s 3D full-color printing technology brings the appeal of the Metaverse to life by delivering digitized IP in exquisite form and providing users with personalized services through the iPollo store.

    Additionally, the company has successfully begun tapeout of Cuckoo 3.0, the third version of the Nano Labs Cuckoo series, marking a significant progress in the development of the company’s Cuckoo series.

    About Nano Labs Ltd

    Nano Labs Ltd is a fabless integrated circuit (“IC”) design company and product solutions provider in the United States. China. nano lab develops high throughput computing (“HTC”) chips, high performance computing (“HPC”) chips, distributed computing and storage solutions, smart network interface cards (“NIC”) vision computing chips, and distributed rendering. We are working on this. nano lab has built a comprehensive flow processing unit (“FPU”) architecture that provides a solution that integrates both HTC and HPC functionality. Nanolab’s With a maximum bandwidth of approximately 2.27 Tbps, the Cuckoo series was one of the first near-memory HTC chips available on the market, and also one of the pioneers of HTC chips. ASICBased Grin Mining Market *. For more information, please visit our website at:

    *According to an industry report prepared by Frost & Sullivan.

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