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    “We had the incredible privilege of developing the NBPA’s first Metaverse venture, allowing fans to connect with their beloved athletes in an unprecedented way,” said MeetKai co-founder and CEO. says James Kaplan.

    “Working with the forward-thinking team at THINK450 is the perfect partnership, and we look forward to continuing to work together on an interactive shopping journey that deepens the bond between fans and the sports they love.”

    A distinguishing feature of the NBPA Metaverse is a digital replica of Brotherhood Deli, an in-person fan pop-up shop that will be the centerpiece of the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas in the summer of 2023.

    Created virtually with MeetKai's Metaverse platform and AI-enabled digital twin technology, the bodega-inspired virtual store previewed at CES last month features player-endorsed brands and limited-edition merchandise. There will be a shoppable wall where basketball enthusiasts can customize their 3D avatars, interact with NBPA members, and fellow fans can browse merchandise, discover new products, and virtually try on apparel before they buy. It is also possible to have it delivered directly to your home.

    “We are very excited about our partnership with MeetKai to launch The Brotherhood Deli in the Metaverse,” said Keisha Wright, Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Purpose at THINK450.

    “Since its creation last summer, The Brotherhood Deli has been designed as a platform to build a community around our players’ passions as entrepreneurs and leaders of their own brands. By bringing The Brotherhood Deli to the Metaverse, , we are expanding our reach and supporting connections between players and basketball fans around the world.”

    Ahead of All-Star weekend, basketball fans in the Indianapolis area will have the opportunity to step into the physical realm of “The Brotherhood Deli” located at Circle Center Mall – 49 W. Maryland Street, 2nd Floor, Indianapolis, IN 46024. You will get it. – Create what is proposed as a meta-on-meta experience.

    The same limited edition merchandise sold within the Metaverse will be sold directly at the pop-up shop.

    “I am extremely proud of the team at MeetKai and what we have accomplished for NBPA. Our collaboration with NBPA is another pillar of our leadership as the world's leading AI metaverse company. “It's also a natural extension of what we've done since we built the Metaverse for NBA and NFL teams, as well as millions of other sports fans around the world.” said Weili Dai, Executive Chairman.

    “We hope they enjoy this experience as much as we enjoyed making it happen, and we hope that 'The Brotherhood Deli' is a very successful and long-term partnership.” I look forward to seeing this as just the beginning. ”

    Throughout the season, users will enjoy virtual meet-and-greets with new players, a media lounge with exclusive previews of NBPA content, gamified contests with exclusive merchandise prizes, and the chance to win a trip to visit the Brotherhood Deli in person. You can expect it. in Las Vegas this summer.


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