Netflix Wants to Pay $900,000 AI Job Amid Actors’ Strike

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    Streaming service provider Netflix has posted a $900,000 annual AI job posting as Hollywood actors and screenwriters oppose the use of AI, citing potential risks to their livelihoods.

    With continued advances in the AI ​​industry and its adoption in the film industry, actors and screenwriters will be able to improve their work by repeatedly reusing their voices and likenesses for little or no compensation from studios. are at risk.

    Better content powered by AI

    The company is looking for an AI Product Manager for its machine learning platform to drive the use of AI to create “great content.” incite anger In Hollywood among writers and actors.Disgruntled insiders feel Netflix is ​​being blamed Hypocritical While we are happy to pay well-deserved compensation for certain jobs, the company wants to keep others as cheap as possible.

    “Our business is powered by machine learning/artificial intelligence, driving innovation in content free, acquisition, personalization, payment processing and other revenue-centric initiatives,” the company wrote in its job posting. there is

    According to the Economic Times reportThis isn’t the only AI post Netflix is ​​touting, as the company wants to use AI for more than just movie and show recommendations.

    The company is also looking for a Technical Director for Generative AI at its game studios as it continues to embrace AI across its business. This is the recent trend of technology integration in the entertainment industry.

    AI is recognized as essential to optimizing operations, and companies in several sectors are looking at ways to integrate AI into their operations.

    AI is being touted as the game changer of the century due to its ability to optimize operations across sectors, with businesses scrambling to adopt AI and the arts and entertainment industries also taking an interest in the technology. And it seems.

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    Rapid increase in AI-related job openings

    according to hollywood reporterIt’s not just Netflix that’s eyeing AI job postings, it’s a trend spreading across Hollywood studios and streaming services. Disney reportedly has a number of job listings for his AI, some of which are for the company’s “Imagineering” team.

    One of them is R&D Imagineers, which focuses on generative AI.

    The role calls for someone with “ambition to push the boundaries of what AI tools can create and to understand the difference between the voice of data and the voice of designers, writers and artists.”

    The $180,000-a-year job will also ensure collaboration with “third-party studios, universities, organizations, and developers to evaluate, adopt, and integrate modern generative AI.”

    Disney’s move isn’t surprising. When Bob Iger returned to the company as CEO last November, he said at his first town hall meeting that AI was inevitable.

    Responding to an employee’s question about the company’s plans to adopt the fast-growing generative AI, he said that “nothing will stop the advancement of the technology” and that “at some point in the future the company will adopt It does,” he added.

    At Warner Bros. Discovery List of AI jobs Meanwhile, Paramount is looking for a machine learning engineer for its CBS division. The owner of NBCUniversal, his Comcast has several AI and ML jobs, especially in customer service and research.

    The adoption of generative AI has met with mixed reactions. Some artists embrace it as a tool that can enhance their products, while others frown upon it.

    In music, rapper Ice Cube and others have criticized its use in music production, labeling it “diabolical.”

    AI controversy

    Well, the announcement of this job by Netflix was also made at the following time. Hollywood Actors and writers continue to strike to protect themselves from AI. On Tuesday, July 25, SAG-AFTRA staged a high-profile demonstration in New York’s Times Square, just steps away from Broadway theaters, as part of a strike against Hollywood.

    Some of the event’s top stars include Brandan Fraser, Wendell Pierce, Jessica Chastain, Bryan Cranston, Michael Shannon, Rachel Zegler, Jane Curtin, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Christian Slater. there was

    According to the Economic Times, the actors occasionally targeted the billboards of surrounding companies, including ESPN and Walt Disney’s ABC Studios.

    put up a good fight

    “The Good Wife” star Christine Baranski said: It’s time, it’s time to simply get things right. ”

    “Our contribution will not be underestimated, nor will it be robbed,” she said, calling on her colleagues to “play hard.”

    Prior to this, other high-profile actors such as John Cusack and Tom Cruise also stepped up to writers and actors in protests against AI in the film industry.

    Earlier this month, the actors took part in a writers’ strike that began protests in May, the largest strike since 1960 when both unions went on strike simultaneously, and had ripple effects in the film industry.

    One of the major concerns is that actors are uncomfortable with the possibility of being deprived of roles to “metahumans” or AI-generated actors.

    Another point of contention is plans by Hollywood studios to combine images of actors to create composite performers. The writer is concerned that scripting with his LLM like ChatGPT could hurt bottom line in the long run.

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