New Australian Metaverse Advisory Council To Launch At SXSW Sydney

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    The Australian Metaverse Advisory Council (AMAC) has a clear vision to help Australian industry, government and consumers effectively harness and navigate the tremendous potential of the next digital revolution. It will be launched this week.

    Pictured above: Angus Stevens – AMAC Chairman and Start Beyond CEO

    AMAC will be officially launched at SXSW Sydney’s International Convention Center on Thursday, October 19th at 3:30pm.

    Recent PWC research shows 64% of Australian businesses plan to invest in the Metaverse in the next six to 12 months, according to Deloitte’s June 2022 Metaverse in Asia report. , the potential impact of the metaverse on GDP in the Asia-Pacific region is estimated. Expected to grow from US$0.8 trillion to US$1.4 trillion annually by 2035, AMAC is committed to demystifying the metaverse and making it accessible and beneficial to businesses, while also promoting inclusivity, ethical considerations and We will advocate, educate, and provide advice on matters related to practical application. , government agencies and the wider Australian public.

    AMAC brings together the voices of Australia’s leading minds and practitioners in the Metaverse industry, highlighting its benefits and potential pitfalls, and building relationships within the industry as well as with business, academia and industry. The aim is to grow Australia’s Metaverse industry by: government community. From virtual and augmented reality to human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, cryptography and blockchain systems, the council provides expertise, commentary and analysis.

    The AMAC metaverse definition is: “A network of immersive experiences that blends digital and physical reality. Enabled by technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and AI. It represents the next generation of the Internet, providing social connectivity, entertainment, economics, It offers new avenues for collaborative and creative activity.”

    Angus Stevens, CEO and co-founder of award-winning VR and AR studio Start Beyond and AMAC Chair, said: AMAC’s founding members recognized the urgent need for an independent advisory group to represent and defend Australia’s interests. ”

    “Each of AMAC’s founding members brings a unique and rich understanding of the metaverse. It is incredibly exciting to bring the group together and bring such a wealth of knowledge to the Australian industry, It is extremely valuable both to the market and to the international market.”

    “Especially as the Australian Metaverse industry continues to mature, expand and innovate, we believe it is important to have industry leaders providing independent advice to the broader community, and to that end, SXSW We are excited to launch AMAC at the Sydney Metaverse Meetup” on October 19th. ”

    The founding members of AMAC are:

    • Angus Stevens: AMAC Chairman and Start Beyond CEO
    • Darshini Ayton: Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the Health and Social Care Unit
      Monash University.
    • Daniel Cariola: ANZ XR Lead in Accenture’s Metaverse Business Group.
      Trent Creuz de Castella: Trent is the co-founder and CEO of PHORIA and a Forbes Top 30 company.
      30 people
    • Simone Clow: CEO and co-founder of creative technology company Zebrar.
    • Ben Ferns: Founder of
    • Patricia Haueiss: Leading Metaverse, Web3 and AI consultant, one of Australia’s top 100
    • Michaela Jade: Cabrogal woman and founder of Sydney’s Darg speaking nation
      CEO of Indigital, Australia’s first indigenous education technology company.
    • Oliver Weidlich: Founder and Director of Design & Innovation at Contxtual and part-time
      at the University of Sydney.

    As Australia’s Metaverse industry continues to expand and evolve, AMAC will respond to:
    As a focused nonprofit group of volunteer industry experts, we serve a wide range of industry needs.
    It’s time to shape the conversation and drive industry growth.


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