New Paradigm by Manta Network: How to be Eligible?

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    Manta Network has recently A new paradigm of blockchain, the preeminent Layer 2 solution in the cryptography space. Incorporating zero-knowledge technology, the platform offers secure transactions and is a notable contender in the blockchain ecosystem. The New Paradigm blockchain is particularly attractive due to lucrative airdrop opportunities. Claim your Manta Network Airdrop now!

    Key features of the new paradigm with Manta Network

    1. Layer 2 solution: The new paradigm operates as a layer 2 blockchain, enhancing the efficiency and scalability of the Ethereum blockchain by processing transactions off the main chain.
    2. zero knowledge technology: Uses zero-knowledge technology for transaction validation, ensuring privacy and security without exposing sensitive information.
    3. Enhanced transaction security and privacy: This approach addresses privacy issues in blockchain transactions, making them more secure and private.
    4. Opportunity for lucrative airdrops: New Paradigm offers financial incentives through airdrops, allowing participants to earn rewards in tokens or digital assets.
    5. industry support: Backed by major investors such as Binance Labs and Layer Zero, demonstrating strong support and growth potential for the industry.
    6. Focus on DeFi applications: The scalability and security features make New Paradigm ideal for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

    How to participate in Manta Network Airdrop

    To participate in Manta Network airdrops, users must bridge ETH or ERC-20 stablecoins to Manta Network. This process must be completed by January 2024 as the bridging application period ends. Manta Network, supported by prominent He Web3 investors, is a layer 2 platform built on the Ethereum virtual machine, offering lower fees and faster transactions.


    Steps to get started:

    1. Start your airdrop journey: you can please use our link Start your airdrop journey with Manta Network and get more airdrop opportunities.
    2. bridge assets: Visit Manta Network website, connect your wallet and follow the instructions to bridge ETH or USDC.Minimum 0.25 Ethereum or equivalent qualification to start earning rewards.
    1. earn rewards: By bridging assets, you can earn “”box' includes Manta Network NFTs that can be redeemed for monetary rewards and additional privileges on the network.
    2. Liquidity and additional rewards: After bridging, you will instantly receive liquidity for your assets through our partnership with StakeStone and Mountain Protocol, enabling further investment opportunities within the Manta Network.

    exchange comparison

    Manta Pacific – New Paradigm PENTA Yield and Airdrop

    Manta Pacific, part of the new paradigm, is the first Ethereum Layer 2 platform to integrate Celestia for modular data availability. Designed for zero-knowledge applications, it provides a cost-effective solution using Manta's universal circuits.

    Major features:

    • ETH and stablecoin PENTA yield: Backed by a large investment, it offers a 5x PENTA yield.
    • Token allocation: There is a quota 50,000,000 $MANTA tokens For stakers, 3% of the total supply and 2% of special rewards are added.
    • Participation flow: To earn rewards, users must follow Manta Network on Twitter, link their accounts, sign in with MetaMask, and bridge their assets.
    Manta Network Air Top


    A new paradigm by Manta Network offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts a unique opportunity to earn rewards through layer 2 blockchain solutions. The innovative approach and support from major investors make it an exciting development in the DeFi space.

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