Newberry County Career Center enters the education Metaverse

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    NEWBERRY — The Newberry County Career Center has entered the education metaverse and joined an elite group of schools with the help of VictoryXR, the world leader in virtual reality education. The Newberry County Career Center was one of the first centers in the United States to introduce Metaverse Education, pioneering a new world of 3D immersive learning.

    Students who participate in the Education Metaverse have the opportunity to immerse themselves in content, experience hands-on lessons, and connect and learn from students across the state. Students will have the opportunity to hold molecules in their hands, spend an hour in a spaceship, walk outside in a spacesuit, and visit Isaac Newton after traveling in a time machine.

    “Studies conclusively show that students who learn in virtual reality retain what they are taught better,” said Steve Grubbs, CEO of VictoryXR. “South Carolina is pioneering this education metaverse initiative that addresses learning loss in meaningful ways with bold solutions. Within a few years, every state will be following South Carolina’s lead. Let’s go.”

    “The Newberry County Career Center is proud to partner with VictoryXR to offer the opportunity to utilize virtual reality headsets in our career and technical education programs. You will have access to a wide range of experiences from around the world. We take great pride in supporting the academic knowledge and skill sets of our students. This partnership will allow us to expand our programs and content offerings to: We can’t express how grateful we are to VictoryXR for leading this effort,” said Director (Principal) Sarah Harvey.

    Newberry County Career Center Named One of 30 Statewide Winners in South Carolina for its Bundle of Classroom Virtual Reality Headsets and Live Teacher-led Metaverse Education Classes to Help Address Learning Loss Ta. The grant, a VictoryXR initiative and funded by the State of South Carolina, will begin in select school districts this summer. South Carolina was the first state in the nation to launch a statewide learning metaversity.

    The Newberry County Career Center was provided with 20 Meta Quest 2 headsets, giving students the opportunity to receive individualized instruction in a group setting with a live teacher. Additionally, those students will receive instruction in reading, science, and math.

    “I was a classroom teacher and there were always a few students who were hard to motivate. South Carolina Metaversity will change that and students will love learning,” said VictoryXR said Melissa Brent, director of education.

    In addition to Metaverse tutoring classes, students can also access biology, chemistry, and anatomy labs within the classroom via virtual reality headsets.

    VictoryXR is a global leader in metaverse education and was founded in Iowa in 2016.


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