NewNet announces Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) Payment Solution on Google Cloud Marketplace with Google Cloud HSM

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    Published March 14, 2023

    Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) launched with Google Cloud HSM on Google Cloud Marketplace

    Lombard, IL, March 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — NewNet Secure Transaction, a global provider of secure payment transfer and infrastructure systems, today announced secure payment transfer, capture, and processing solutions available on Google Cloud. NewNet’s new Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) solution using Google Cloud HSM, launched on Google Cloud Marketplace, provides critical secure cloud payment routing for transferring high-volume digital payment transactions, real-time payments, inter-account payments, and more /Offering switching applications to payment providers. NewNet’s application has been extended to handle CBDC/Crypto payments, Open Banking payments, Web3 and Metaverse payments. STC helps payment companies deploy and expand their digital payments footprint in a fast and cost-effective manner.

    NewNet’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) solution is a cloud-based solution with advanced data security, intelligent routing capabilities, comprehensive network capabilities, point-to-point encryption, and tokenization for security of payment transactions. Provides secure payment capture, processing, and issuer processing applications. NewNet’s STC solution is now available for trial, pilot and deployment on Google Cloud Marketplace to experience highly secure payment transaction routing and aggregation. Leverage Google Cloud HSM on your Google Cloud infrastructure to provide high security, high availability, and performance.

    NewNet’s STC leverages Google Cloud’s globally available platform to provide enhanced scalability, superior processing power, incredible redundancy, and smart management options. With Google Cloud HSM’s advanced encryption and security features, NewNet’s STC offers customers a unique cloud payment application with adherence to the highest security standards and fast cryptographic operations.

    Offered as a subscription model, NewNet’s STC supports a variety of payment methods. This includes internet/web payments, e-commerce payments, mobile payments, wallet payments, A2A/P2P/M2M payments, POS/POI based transactions, ATM transactions, and all forms of digital commerce payments that are fully PCI compliant. It is included. STC is industry-ready with integrated payment, security, networking and analytics capabilities for PSPs, PayFacs, Acquirers, Processors, Mobile/POS Vendors, Banks, Fintechs, NSPs, MNOs, BNPL Providers provides its own payment routing application.

    “Utilizing the incredible capabilities of cloud infrastructure with STC solutions to enable the payments industry with one of the leading cloud payment applications for seamless migration, massive scale and massive growth. It’s very exciting to have a ‘safe transaction’. “STC’s virtualized payments and security features running on Google Cloud ensure the highest security for current and future payment transactions, both fiat and CBDC/Crypto payments, and the strongest of Google Cloud HSMs. We use encryption to ensure secure payments on Web3 and the Metaverse.”

    Nelly Porter, Group Product Manager at Google Cloud, said: “Delivered on Google Cloud that is resilient, scalable, robust, and widely available, NewNet’s STC payment solution enables payments industry customers to leverage security and standards-compliant Google Cloud HSMs to scale We can meet your demand.”

    STC payment application solutions empower both greenfield fintech providers and established payment providers to rapidly deploy new payment services or migrate to the cloud seamlessly and effortlessly. STC on the industry’s advanced security and fast transaction capabilities available on Google Cloud Marketplace will be of great benefit to the broad payment ecosystem now and in the future.

    Click the link below to visit STC on Google Cloud, get a free trial, and explore the application’s capabilities.

    Contact us for more information [email protected].

    NewNet Secure Transaction (NST) is a leading global provider of next-generation payment technology solutions, offering significant expertise in secure payment solutions. NewNet Secure Transactions provides digital payment infrastructure solutions with intelligent routing and switching capabilities and cloud transformation to acquirers, processors, banks, PSPs, payment gateways, PayFac, MNOs, NSPs, fintechs, CSPs, etc. increase. The NST system handles integrated payment transaction routing and secure networks. Access and payment data security with flexible APIs, omnichannel payment acceptance from mobile, web, in-store POS, SmartPOS, mPOS, e-commerce, m-commerce, BNPL and ATM transactions, full compliance with security standards , and CBDC/Crypto, Open Banking payments. NewNet solutions are deployed with customers in over 60 countries, handle a quarter of annual global transaction volume, are available in both private and public clouds, and are available as server-based solutions for data centers. increase.

    NewNet’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) solution provides NFV-based virtualized and secure payment applications with a wide range of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) for payment transaction routing and added security.
    • ISO 20022, ISO8583, APACS, TPDU, VISA, XML/REST based protocols
    • TLS, IPsec, SSH, HTTPS
    • Cloud Payment NAC (Network Access Concentrator / Network Access Controller)
    • Point-to-point encryption (P2PE), tokenization
    • Load balancing, multiple host interfaces
    • Advanced management and reporting

    For more information on NewNet, please visit: www.newnet.comNewNet is a portfolio company of Skyview Capital LLC.

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