News18 Network Launches Historic Mother’s Day Campaign on Metaverse

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    May 16, 2023 – Leading news network News18 Network introduced a special Metaverse experience on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2023. This groundbreaking collaboration generated an overwhelming response, and in just one day, he has amassed a reach of over $10 million. Utilizing a state-of-the-art martech toolkit, News18 was able to create an interactive environment that encouraged participants to explore and engage in respect for mothers in general.

    The News18 network’s Mother’s Day campaign took a bold stance against the prevalence of derogatory language when referring to important words like “well” and “mom.” Recognizing that these words are often included in offensive and abusive language, News18 has launched a strong campaign to address this issue. The campaign conveyed a resounding message of respect and respect by urging people to take a pledge to refrain from using such foul language.

    This thought-provoking campaign seamlessly integrated with the Metaverse interface, providing a platform where individuals could pledge their commitment to honoring their mothers and refraining from using derogatory language. News18’s Metaverse World has redefined how Mother’s Day is celebrated by incorporating cutting-edge technology. Through this platform, News18 HSM provided viewers with an engaging virtual world where they could fully immerse themselves in the celebration of Mother’s Day. Thousands of attendees used their avatars to make their Mother’s Day vows. Many also used #News18MothersDay to share widely on social media.

    News18 Network, Hindi Cluster CEO Karan Abhishek Singhsaid, “The News18 Network is the No. 1 news network in Japan.” The main reason is our commitment to innovation and fresh thinking. As leaders in the genre, we also believe it is our responsibility to promote responsible behavior. The campaign encourages viewers to act with the utmost respect for their mothers and avoid using profanity, while creating an immersive campaign in the metaverse that will give viewers a unique experience. It was the perfect blend of both of these things to deliver a differentiated experience. ”

    The huge success of the News18 Network’s Mother’s Day campaign in the Metaverse reinforces the channel’s commitment to offering only the very best when it comes to the news industry. By harnessing the power of advanced technology, News18 Network has demonstrated a dedication to creating experiences that resonate with audiences and foster meaningful conversations. The amazing response from viewers to this campaign is a testament to the success of the large number of individuals enthusiastically participating in his News18 metaverse world.


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