Nexus Real Estate Corp. Wins Sustainable Development of the Year Award

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    Philippines-based Nexus Real Estate Corp. won “Sustainable Development of the Year” at the Real Estate Asia Awards. Antara, the company’s iconic development in Talisay City, Cebu, was recognized for its innovative and sustainable design.

    Antara is a multi-tower residential development that combines modern urban living with refreshing natural elements. The project is spread over 3.2 hectares and consists of five towers that can be used as residential, hospitality, office and industrial units. Nexus’ careful planning and design harmoniously blended residential, commercial, and recreational elements.

    One of Antara’s core concepts is to promote a healthy lifestyle by incorporating facilities such as jogging trails and yoga pavilions. The development will integrate solar power generation, operate a composting and material recovery facility, and include a wastewater treatment plant. Nexus also prioritizes the use of natural materials such as bamboo and paper products to reduce reliance on synthetic materials.

    Antara’s goal is to not only meet the needs of the community, but also to create an environment where residents feel safe, healthy, and happy. Nexus has set a benchmark in the real estate industry by demonstrating that the fusion of urban living and nature can lead to superior sustainable development.

    The Real Estate Asia Awards recognize the most innovative players and outstanding developments in the real estate industry in Asia Pacific. Nexus was one of his seven award-winning companies in the Philippines, further cementing its position as a leader in sustainable development.

    – Manila Times


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