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    NFT Magazine continues to speak to great crypto artists. Following Angie Taylor, Joshua Davis and Andrea Crespi, #04 Crypto Art Monograph is all dedicated to Ellen Shadlin.

    The NFT Magazine: New CryptoArt Monograph

    He has over 4.5 million Instagram followers and his work has been exhibited in major cities such as Tokyo, Florence, London, Paris and New York.

    We are talking about ELLEN SHEIDLIN, a young multimedia artist who is actively experimenting with NFTs.

    Her artwork is a visionary mix of realism, dream and virtuality, presented entirely for the first time in a phygital book carefully curated by Aaronda Scalera and Alfredo Cramellotti, and the artist has I call it itcharism.

    This monograph in hand offers a unique perspective on the work of Ellen Shadlin, introducing a series of images that form a cohesive animated work. Rather than presenting traditional static artwork, the images in this book are frames cut from larger, moving or animated works.

    This approach transforms the viewing experience, immersing the reader in the artist’s creative process and journey.

    New CryptoArt monograph with #05ISSUE2k23 NFT magazine will be available with a double drop from May 1, 2023 at 8:00 PM CEST, both Nifty Gateway platformwhich lasts 5 days for both COVER DROP and BookDrop NFT.

    Join Ellen Shadlin’s Monograph Drop:

    Who is Ellen Shadlin

    Ellen Sheidlin is a multimedia artist who creates digital photography and video images, works in the genres of sculpture and painting, and actively experiments with NFT technology.

    For more than a decade, Ellen has used social networks as her main platform for her work, combining internet aesthetics with imagery from personal mythology to create a personal author’s universe.

    Ellen herself describes how she developed it as a sub-virtualism, a mixture of digital and physical, dream and reality, material and intangible. Artists often use their own images to create works that show how diverse our personalities are and how many different facets, sensations and worlds we have within each person.

    unpublished cover of the book

    CryptoArt Monograph all crypto artist protagonists create unpublished works and become NFT covers between physical and digital.
    The work Ellen Shadlin presented for the monograph was ‘Whispers’, a physical version of which was exhibited at the Art Basel-supported Tokyo Art Fair.

    The artist said about it:

    In this interesting artwork, groups of ears symbolize the diverse voices that contribute to our inner dialogue.

    The ears whisper thoughts, voices, fantasies, judgments and love, reminding us of the complexity of the human mind. Each whisper is different and disjointed, but blends into one voice, reflecting the artist and expressing the viewer’s inner dialogue.

    The message is clear. All rumors are true, and these rumors are all part of us, and it is up to us to embrace them and turn them into art. is. You are art and your inner world is a masterpiece waiting to be created. ”.

    Discover CryptoArt Monographs by NFT Magazine

    It’s time to talk about the great crypto artists, their histories, their artistic studies, their digital artworks, the platforms and metaverses in which they operate.

    NFT Magazine’s Crypto Art series monographs have been created in collaboration with the most important and visionary curators to tell and “time stamp” the evolution of today’s crypto art.

    After the huge international success of the book “CRYPTO ART – Begins” based on the ideas and projects of The NFT Magazine published by Rizzoli, an international magazine has yet to discover the world of Crypto Art. and continues to work as a curator.

    The NFT Magazine reveals WEB3’s digital art scene’s greatest protagonists each month thanks to CryptoArt Monograph.

    Each artist creates an unpublished NFT tied to a monograph they read and collect, with the potential to redeem limited-edition physical books to overcome the boundaries of Web3 publishing arriving in collectors’ homes and metaverses. there is.

    Each NFT features its own smart contract for crypto artists, curators, and publishers to build the story and foundation of crypto art.


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