Northlands College launches metaverse campus

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    The university’s new Metaverse Campus can not only help develop these skills, but also enhance the learning experience in virtual classrooms within the Metaverse Campus. (Derek Cornet/lalongeNOW staff)

    by derek cornette

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    October 11, 2023 | 2:54 PM

    Northlands University has opened a Metaverse campus, making it one of the few Canadian universities with a campus entirely within the Metaverse.

    The achievement heralds a new era of transformative learning tools aimed at pushing the boundaries of education and technology integration across northern Saskatchewan and reducing environmental impact, according to a media release issued this week. It is said that it is a thing.

    This type of Metaverse campus environment allows for community building, open geographic boundaries, and recorded video content that allows for learners from different time zones and for learners who are committed to following experiential, face-to-face lectures on their own. The aim is to build on the collapse time, including the option to attend virtual lectures. time.

    “The opening of our campus at Metaverse is more than just a milestone for Northlands University, it provides members of the Northern Saskatchewan community with an opportunity to learn, grow and excel in the Industry 4.0 space. ” said Northlands University President and CEO. Carsten Henriksen said.


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