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    The term “metaverse” has been around for years, but what is the current state of affairs and where is it headed next? Gillian Goodman The Information’s opinion editors K.Evan Yarowitzsoftware and platform global industries lead Accenture, Vince CuckersFounder and CEO vertebraeSnap Company, and Sosty LopaitisExecutive Vice President media link, discuss how the metaverse is evolving. ]

    what teeth Metaverse?

    Goodman set a little level at the beginning of the discussion, asking each panelist to define what the metaverse means to them. Accenture’s Keven Yalowitz said: It’s different from what we see today. ”

    Vertebrae’s Vince Cacace said based on the idea: For the purposes of this discussion, I define the Metaverse as AR and VR and the blockchain applications behind them. ”

    Has the Metaverse lived up to the hype?

    Many consumers have high hopes for the Metaverse. But were those expectations met? Goodman points out: I felt excited. here? when are you coming here ”

    Accenture’s Yalowitz believes the hype created unrealistic expectations. “I think we are probably ahead of ourselves in terms of hype. We’re seeing the technology evolve, and we want to get to where this is leading us.”

    Cross-platform portability case

    The metaverse is not just one place. It is a connection between different worlds within a larger world and includes multiple platforms.Sosti Lopaitis media link “My thoughts on the potential of the metaverse center around interoperability. It will be interoperable.At some point, users and marketers will be able to see environments with portable elements.This is an exciting opportunity for all of us.”

    What do consumers really want from the Metaverse?

    For the metaverse to be truly marketable, it must meet the needs of its audience. Yarowitz brought up insights from a recent Accenture survey. “More than half of the participants want Spend some time in the Metaverse within the next year. There are also use cases where consumers point to wanting to do things in a more immersive way, like media and retail. People also want to find out about medical care and travel. Even at the first stage, I think you’ll see different use cases. ”

    Next Issue: Privacy

    Privacy and safety standards do not yet exist in the metaverse. As Ropaitis said, “Now is not the time to be anonymous,” Money, as he cites laundering and cybercrime. “We need some kind of identifier, but we also need to respect privacy within the same constraints that advertising today. , it remains to be elucidated. We need to design a system that protects user rights and identities in a sensible way.”

    Businesses need to take the lead now

    Opportunities in the metaverse abound. Today, however, it is a corporate mandate to invest in these opportunities. Yalowitz said: Now is the time to make basic bets that offer choice in the Metaverse. ”

    In reality, the Metaverse already exists in the form of augmented and virtual reality, and the opportunities for both consumers and businesses are almost limitless. But if companies want to tap into the likely future of virtual worlds, panelists agreed:


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