Nvidia Neuralangelo: A faster path to the industrial metaverse

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    Unlike the consumer metaverse, which was largely Facebook-backed and virtually defunct upon arrival, the commercial metaverse is doing quite well. NVIDIA is currently darling of wall street This is the main driving force behind the commercial metaverse. However, creating a digital twin of this industrial-grade metaverse and the real-world objects within it requires the highly laborious task of 3D scanning to replicate real-world objects in this virtual environment.

    To address this issue, Nvidia has devised several tools to speed up the creation of metaverse instances that can be used to simulate the real world. The latest of these is New Larangelo. Neuralangelo takes a 2D video and automatically transforms it into a 3D asset with intricate details and textures, making the virtual copy almost indistinguishable from the physical object it was copied from. The scale can range from small objects to life-size buildings, so this tool works really well.

    Let’s talk about the New Larangelo this week.

    2D files to 3D objects

    The problem with many cutting-edge technologies, from AI to the metaverse, is the time it takes to create relevant data sets and models. Anything that can be used to dramatically reduce the time required to create these models and datasets flows directly into the project and has a significant impact on how quickly results can be leveraged.

    Suppose you want to recreate a crime scene or explore a building collapse virtually after the fact. There may be plenty of 2D videos of him to work with, but no one has scanned the subject in 3D. The ability to create 3D objects and environments using existing 2D video not only opens the door to rapidly creating metaverse instances for planning, but also for investigating past events to identify problems and roadblocks. can also be used for

    For example, recently Iowa apartment collapse, the building is destabilized and will be demolished soon. However, the cause of the collapse and the identification of those responsible have not yet been completed, thus clearing up open questions about why it collapsed, whether the response was appropriate or appropriate, and whether there was any damage to the building. In order to do so, it is important to leave some kind of record of the building after demolition. Building tenants are identified and available.

    Tools like Neuralangelo allow a building to be virtually recreated using various photos and videos of the building, allowing forensic investigators to keep the virtual building safe in their offices long after it is demolished. be able to explore.

    This is just one of several tools that will be available from June 18th to 22ndnd in vancouver Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR). One of the other interesting products announced by Nvidia is the diff collage, a diffusion tool designed to create large-scale content. This is useful for movie backgrounds or very large renders such as those required for amusement parks or cityscapes.

    Creating a commercial metaverse

    Nvidia’s success in the metaverse is impressive.this is Omniverse This tool is now the primary tool used for simulating and training most autonomous machines, including self-driving cars. However, creating these metaverse elements is still a lot of work, and more automated and intelligent tools are needed to create these elements faster and cheaper.

    Neuralangelo and DiffCollage are two tools born out of Nvidia’s extensive efforts to help businesses and governments launch metaverse instances that can be used for simulation and testing, thereby making users of Nvidia’s Omniverse tools more accessible. Accelerate time to value.

    Such efforts will create the commercial metaverse of tomorrow, ensuring that, at least in the commercial realm, the metaverse is not only real, but incredibly useful.

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